While the Philadelphia 76ers are 5-8 and have lost their last four games, their game against the 10-1 Indiana Pacers on Saturday is of interest because of the rematch of Roy Hibbert and Spencer Hawes.

The last time the two met, Hawes came close to achieving a quadruple-double against Hibbert and the Pacers in a Mar. 16, 2013 98-91 76ers win. Hawes finished the game with 18 points, 16 rebounds, eight assists, and seven blocked shots. Hibbert outscored Hawes with 25 points to lead the Pacers and had a double-double with 10 rebounds, but he had only two blocked shots to Hawes' eight.

Not only did Hawes nearly achieve a quadruple-double in the game, but his 16 rebounds and seven blocked shots marked career highs.

Hawes currently is averaging a double-double with 16.2 ppg and 10.2 rpg, and both are career highs. He had a season-high 28 points against the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday. His field goal percentage has gone from .464 last season to .516 this season. Hawes' three-point percentage
also has taken a jump from .356 in 12-13 to .489 this season, and he's averaging 1.8 three-pointers made compared to 0.4 last season. Hawes' assists have gone from 2.2 apg in 2012-13 to 3.2 apg this season, and the number of blocks Hawes has achieved per game has gone from 1.4 bpg last season to 1.7 currently. While Hawes has yet to equal his rebounding and blocking performances in the Mar. 16, 2013 contest, he had a season-best 14 rebounds against the Washington Wizards on Nov. 1 and a season-best 6 blocks against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Nov. 8.

Hibbert's 4.36 blocks per game leads all NBA players. While his 11.4 ppg and 8.9 rpg are below Hawes' numbers, Hibbert's rebounding mark represents a career high. Hibbert also has bounced back from a career-low .448 FG% last year to a career-high .500 FG% this season. His 2.7 fouls per game is also a career-best mark.

Because of the increase in the number of three-pointers Hawes has taken this season, Hawes may be even more of a challenge for Hibbert to guard. In the Mar. 16, 2013 game, Hawes scored only one three-pointer. In 2013-14, Hawes has made three of them in three games this season and two in four other games. Hawes never had more than two in any game during the 2012-13 season.

Despite the improvement in many of Hawes' statistics this season, his fouls per game have gone up from 2.8 fpg last season to 3.1 fpg this season. While Hawes has yet to foul out of a game, he has received five fouls in two games this season and four in five others. While Hibbert also has received five fouls in two games in 2013-14, he received four in only one game. In the Mar. 16, 2013 game, Hawes had four fouls to Hibbert's three.

Additionally, Hawes' turnovers per game have increased from 1.6 last season to a career-high 2.2 this season. However, Hibbert's turnovers per game also have gone up from last season from 2.1 tpg to 2.5 tpg currently. Hawes had three turnovers in the Mar. 16, 2013 game, while Hibbert had none.

If Hibbert can find a way to contain Hawes on Saturday and be able to elevate his stats from last year, it would go a long way of erasing the memory of Hawes' performance on Mar. 16, 2013. With the way Hibbert has been blocking shots this season, there's a possibility that he will block more shots in this game than he did in the previous one and possibly be able to control Hawes' game in that way. If Hawes would come close to achieving the numbers he did in his last meeting with Hibbert, he could become part of the conversation when it comes to top centers in the NBA.

November 22, 2013  08:30 PM ET

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