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It isn't easy being a Raider fan for the past decade. We've put up with a lot of losing, a lot of bad teams and some epically bad quarterbacking, among many other things. Through it all, one thing we never had to worry about, though, was the kicking game. Sebastian Janikowski's cannon leg almost never let us down, and anytime we reached the opponents 40-yard line, we were in field goal range.

But not this year.

To be fair, any team attempting six field goals in a game really has no business winning that game. But the Raiders could've won - instead another win slips through and ends up in the loss column.

I've got to say one of the most annoying aspects of yesterdays game was the announcers prattling on about how the winner of the game would be the #6 seed in the AFC. Every Raider fan - from the realist to the homer - has to understand that in no way is Oakland a playoff team this year. That's just ridiculous, even if they had pulled out the victory yesterday. Hopefully now all that crazy talk can stop, and the Raiders can go on evaluating the talent we have. Many of these guys are on one year deals. Reggie McKenzie will have a boatload of cash to spend, but he still better put that money in the right places.

Onto the game...

Not a whole lot of action in the first half. Teams traded field goals. McGloin was ok, but his height disadvantage became more apparent as he had many passes batted down, and he threw his first NFL interception, which the Titans turned into a field goal (after an impressive stand by the D). There was a scary hit on Mychal Rivera. Raiders were up 3-2 (field goals, that is) at the end of the first half, when Jeremy Stewart blocked a Titans punt. McGloin hit Streater on the next play, to put the Raiders in chip shot FG range with just seconds before the half.

But it was on the left hashmark. Janikowski has been awful from the left hash this year. There is absolutely no hook in his kicks, for whatever reason. And so the Raiders went to the locker room up 9-6, instead of 12-6.

In the second half, after the Titans took the kickoff and went down for a touchdown, the Raiders once again found themselves in FG range. Another huge problem the Raiders had yesterday was 3rd down conversions, which of course helps explain the six FG attempts. While the Titans were very, very good against the Raiders D on 3rd down, the Raiders - as has been a problem all year - were very bad. But I digress... Janikowski missed another FG, this time from 48 yards.

I'm not buying his "it's a new holder" excuse anymore either. This is game 11. How many different ways is there to hold for a field goal? How come every clipboard carrier in the league can do it fine, but Jano gets to point the finger at Marquette King? Nope - not buying what he selling. Janikowski is just missing these.

McGloin lead the Raiders to a 4th quarter TD, which put us up 19-16. Note to Pryorettes: No way in hell Pryor could have made that throw. Reading the Twitter chatter after the game, I've got to say that the Pryorettes have officially become the Raider version Tebowites. They fail to see the obvious shortcomings in Pryor's game, and insist Pryor would have won the game yesterday. It's like they don't even watch football. McGloin is clearly a better QB at this point in their careers. They are both young, they both make mistakes, but McGloin makes routine plays look routine. I never got that feeling from Pryor. Every play was an adventure. Sometimes that's good. Most of the time, that's not good. I definitely hope we see some more out of Pryor this year, truth be told (IF he's healthy. I have no desire to see that gimpy version of Pryor from the Giants game), but definitely it's nice to watch McGloin make the throws that an NFL QB should be able to make, but Pryor doesn't seem to be making yet.

The Titans got the ball back, and Ryan Fitzpatrick just seems to own the Raiders in these situations. Fitzpatrick played really well, you have to admit. I really didn't realize he was such a mobile guy. He avoided our rush time and time again, and converted 3rd downs over and over. In the end, our D couldn't hold them out of the end zone this last time, and the Raiders go down 23-19. Add the 2 misses by Seabass and we have a completely different outcome. And we aren't even talking about some of the misses he had earlier in the season which also ended up costing games (I can think of 2 off the top of my head) So much for the playoff talk...(Good)

Short week coming up before the Turkey Day game with Dallas. Does anyone remember the last time we played Dallas on Thanksgiving? I do. Didn't end well for us. Hope things go better this year.

November 25, 2013  11:57 AM ET

"Hopefully now all that crazy talk can stop, and the Raiders can go on evaluating the talent we have"

Funny you mention that. I said the same thing to hubby after the game. Even if they won and had a shot at the playoffs, it would be one and done and is that any better than not making it at all? Not to me.

And I totally agree about Seabass. The holds looked fine to me - something is up with Jano mentally. Maybe it's all that money.

Pryor wouldn't have won that game. The thing that gave the Raiders a chance were the quick reads by McGloin getting the ball out fast. Pryor still has some work to do in that area.

Re Rivera, there's a picture floating around that is downright frightening.

November 25, 2013  11:57 AM ET

Re Rivera, there's a picture floating around that is downright frightening.


November 25, 2013  11:58 AM ET

Zoom in on that and you'll have nightmares.

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November 25, 2013  12:28 PM ET

It was a vicious hit. I heard after the game they say he's ok.There better be a fine coming for that.

If there's no fine I would be shocked.

Bigger issue that I'd imagine both he and Jenkins will be out for Thursday's game. An already tall challenge made more difficult.

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November 25, 2013  04:05 PM ET

It was a vicious hit. I heard after the game they say he's ok.There better be a fine coming for that.

Griffin was handed a suspension for one game - apparently he's a repeat offender.

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