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What a great season to love basketball? 


What a perfect time of year to be a Basketball fan. March Madness... Tournaments, upsets! Then you have the 22 win Houston Rockets. They are the 2nd best team to have a winning streak like that. Jordans Bulls never did it, Birds Celtics never did it, and the Showtime Lakers never did it. 22 wins, thats ridicilous even without Yao Ming. Are they better without him? Thats what my wife asked me, i was so proud. Not the biggest Yao fan myself.

Then there are the surprise upsets. Boise State made the March Madness Tournament by winning there conference tourney. First time in 19 years. Represent Idaho. Never has a March Tourney been so hard to predict. Texas, UNC, Duke, Memphis, UCLA, Kansas, and Georgetown all being really good teams. Too bad for Indianna matching up with North Carolina in the 2nd round (if they make it). I would like to see the Hoosiers play well this year with there Guard Gordan leading the way.


Love and Rose have real shots at a title before going pro.


The Utah Jazz matched there franchise record of 19 straight home wins and have the best home record of the NBA and being a JAZZ fan thats big news. They got Kyle Korver for garbage man Gordan Giricek and that was really good for the jazz. I was a little worried about the team this season with losing Derek Fisher in the off season to the Lakers. I believe he left for his daughter and not to join LA and Kobe. But its done, Ronnie Brewer really stepped up and has played great. The Jazz are just loaded at the 2 guard position. It really kind of sucks because Morris Almond whom they drafted from Rice is a great player, has scored 50+ points in a D-league game with the Utah Flash and just cant get playing time. AK47 is playing great again, just like his old russian self that put up stats on every catergory. CJ Miles has stared the few times AK47 has not been able to play and has also played great. I think Utah has one of the best bencheds in the NBA this season.



 Which brings us to all the NBA teams that made huge trades this season. Surprise after surprise that I wont rant about to much. Gasol to the Lakers for Kwame Brown, hahaha, lame lame lame, instantly makes the Lakers contenders and with the emergence of Andrew Bynum and Jason Farmarr they have a great bench as well. They got that ex Jazz man in Derek Fisher and he silently has been helping LA come back to glory. Then Shaq leaves Miami in exchange for Shawn Marion in Phoenix. Wow another surprise. Then there was the 11 man trade with the Cavs, Bulls, and Sonics. Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden go to Chi town while Ben Wallace, Wally Z, and Delonte West, oh and Joe Smith go to the Cavs. The sonics got Donyell Marshall and some other pieces like Ira Newble. Dang that was a surprise. 

 Then we have the waivers of Sam Cassel, Theo Ratliff, Gordan Giricek, Damon Stoudamire, Brent Barry and I am sure i missed a few. Kurt Thomas trade to the Spurs. Oh Chris Webber came back to the Warriors with Don Nelson. 

 The Draft should be pretty good this year too with Beasley, Mayo, Love, Tyler Hansbourough (hard one to spell).


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