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Well ladies and gentleman we just won one but it wasn't easy and we didn't just beat any team out there. We beat our hated divisional rivals the New York Giants. This game was extremely important for both teams especially this late in the season. A loss for the Cowboys would have yielded first place in our division and probably would have taken us out of a wild card spot in the end. We won so now we own the NFC East and we are in full control of our division and our destiny. After much trash talk from the G-Men our Cowboys decided to take it, keep quiet and show them how real men do it on the football field. The defense played an important role in winning this game and for the most part did a good job of preventing Eli Manning from making big plays. On the offense Witten, Dez, Beasley and Romo had a fantastic day. In that last drive our playmakers showed up and not a moment too soon. All of them had a major impact in the win on Sunday. I am not sure if Callaghan or Garret was sending the plays to the offense but whoever was sending the plays, was doing a good job. Love the fact that in the last minutes of the game the play caller didn't try to prevent a defeat but rather called the plays like he wanted to win! Tony Romo was clutch in the latest winning drive of the fourth quarter, again. He's been pulling rabbits out of the proverbial hat when all along the hat was empty to begin with, guess he was the magic man. In my opinion, Romo has always been a great quarterback and in this season it appears he is stepping into the elite status. Now before all you Romo haters get your panty in a bunch, all that Romo needs now is to achieve a Super Bowl win and the induction to the Hall of Fame, all in due time. So let's see if the so called sports media elite can show Romo a little love instead of bashing him as they have done for so many years. After the game a reporter asked Hatcher what he thought of the giants, and without missing a beat Hatcher replied, "I Just ate a Giant", now that's classic! How 'bout them Cowboys. Let's finish strong, get healthy, win our division and let's win some playoff games!
November 27, 2013  04:27 PM ET

Tony Romo is not a 'great' QB.. he is a 'good' QB..even if he wins a SuperBowl.. he then becomes a 'very good' QB.. Cowboys will need to win the division to make the playoffs.. plain & simple.. at 6-5 and basically tied with Philly for the only playoff spot from the East.. even if they win out and take the East playing one of the 2 wild-card team isn't looking promising for a win

November 27, 2013  07:19 PM ET

Faith my brother its called faith we will eventually be at the top of the NFL mountain.

November 28, 2013  10:23 AM ET

Always have faith in the Cowboys.. I know they will eventually live up to the expectations.. but like all Cowboys fans.. we get impatient


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