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First of all, I just want to thank all of you for clicking the link to this blog today. You didn't have to. There is an important blurry Hot Clicks girl you could click on. You could have clicked on "The Stack's" blog. Maybe you already did. The important thing is you are done reading that and now clicked on this. Thanks. We try to be the best blog on Fannation. Once that meant something. Now it's just the distinction of being the less mentally challenged kid at the Special Olympics. I shouldn't be so negative. I've seen them come, and I've seen them go. I've lasted multiple accounts on this site, and I've been responsible for a dozen more. I guess, in a way, I should thank you, creators of Fannation. You've given me this space, and most of the time you don't delete the blog, and you only delete me about once every 10,000 comments or so. Gracias, shady unknowns perhaps working for Turner Moderator.

Thank You, NFL rules officials - at least for now. For leaving in place the beloved kickoff. I'm really going to be pissed if they do away with kickoffs. Yeah, I know, the risk of injury is greatly increased on that play - but goshdarnit - it's just one of my favorite moments in football. If they wussy-ize it - make every team take it from the 20 or whatever cockamamie proposal they come up with - they are killing football. The Kickoff, my friends, is our last stand. We must hold forth and protect the Kickoff. It is our duty to Football Nation. Be strong, let them not throw the concussion lawsuits in our faces. All a player has to do is not lead with his head. I can't tell you how many replays I've watched, where the hitting player makes a clear and cognizant decison to hit the other player with his helmet. Fundamentals, dear friends, are the only thing standing between the salvation of football and Sunday afternoons in 2030 watching ice dancing. It is your choice.

This fall, I'm really thankful that Tim Tebow is not playing football anymore. He was horrible to watch. He was just horrible. All the little Tebow fans still clinging on to hope for a comeback, get over yourselves. The Browns actually signed a guy who did a trickshot passing Youtube video to be their backup, and never even considered giving Timmy a tryout. In fact, I can't think of one single team that has brought TT even in to kick his tires. Freaking Jeff George has more of a chance of landing with a NFL team than your Football Savior does. Good luck in the broadcasting career Tim. (Who among us wouldn't relish to see a color/play-by-play duo of Merril Hoge and Tim Tebow? You know it would be awesome.)

At work this week, someone put up a poster, with a marker attached, and asked everyone to put down what they are thankful for. I, of course, put down that I am thankful for beer. Heck yeah. If it wasn't for beer, there is no way in Hades I could put up working in this intolerable place full of whiny customers and pious, right-wing nutjob co-workers. Dangnabbit, beer is the only thing that keeps me sane. Well, one of those churchgoers crossed-out my post. F them. F them all. They have no idea what Thanksgiving is all about, really. Just what their poor brain-washed minds have been trained to think. Poor idiots.

The Stone Brewing company definitely deserves my thanks. Tonight I bought their special 12 pack variety package - The Stone Mixed 12 pack Sampler. It is delicious. It includes Stone IPA, Stone Oaked ArrogantBastard, Stone Ruination IPA and Stone's Levitation Ale. It is the perfect X-mas gift for that beer lover on your list, or just for yourself when you have had a little too much of that "quality family time". Look for it at a beverage store of your choice now. I especially liked in my pack, a consolation "Ruination IPA" sticker that was included. Seems there was a misprint on about 50,000 boxes- they misspelled "ruination" - instead of junking the boxes, Stone offers an explanation and the free sticker. Now I just need to figure out where to stick this wonderful emblem of my favorite brewery. Perhaps on my kegmeister? Perhaps on my truck? (the sticker warns though it is meant to be an indoor sticker) Oh, where should I stick it? Decisions, decisions.... I need to wear my Stone Flag proudly.

That's all I got right now. Have fun and drink good beer. And be thankful.

November 27, 2013  11:29 AM ET

Heavens to Betsy! I see back problems in some of these girl's future.

And the NFL is already turning into Partial Contact Ice Dancing.

November 29, 2013  02:55 AM ET

A very good blog, Sharky. As usual.

November 29, 2013  02:58 AM ET

A very good blog, Sharky. As usual.


November 29, 2013  02:59 AM ET

This is really a superior blog.

November 29, 2013  03:01 AM ET

This is really a superior blog.

It seems like it exploits women.

November 29, 2013  03:03 AM ET

It seems like it exploits women.

You seem angry.

November 29, 2013  03:05 AM ET

You seem angry.

Miserable even.

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November 29, 2013  04:08 AM ET


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November 29, 2013  07:51 PM ET


The holidays do bring out the folks.

I wonder if awkward family photos are in the future?


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