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The Stack is back on this Tuesday and there is a winter storm about to spread across the upper midwest, but the real storm happened in Seattle last night where the Seahawks thumped the Saints.  Plenty on that game and more so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, December 3:

Seahawks smother Saints on MNF

The two best teams in the NFC battled it out in Seattle last night and the Saints were TKO'd...quickly.  Seattle throttled New Orleans 34-7, dominating them in all phases of the game.  Drew Brees was under pressure all night, throwing for only 147 yards, ending a streak of 43 straight games with at least 200 yards passing.  The Seahawks secondary was superb.  And Russell Wilson is becoming an elite quarterback.  He made several incredible throws and has great command of the offense.  The Seahawks offense is tough to stop and Wilson is the major reason why.  The Saints were manhandled every way possible last night and it will cost them homefield advantage in the playoffs.  The Seahawks look like they will be playing in New York in February.


NFL admits refs were wrong

In an absolutely stunning (heavy sarcasm) outcome, the NFL said Monday that Jeff Triplette and his crew erred in their handling of the last two minutes of the New York-Washington game Sunday night.  Really?  As if no one watching the game figured that one out as it happened.  Officiating has been a consistent problem in the NFL this year and replacements are not to blame.  Some of the criticism comes from hits on defenseless receivers.  Other issues come with roughing the quarterback.  One way or the other, perhaps it speaks to the NFL's grey area on safety and how they have gone a little overboard.  If the officials aren't calling things consistently, then the NFL hasn't done their job.


 Steve Sarkisian headed to USC

USC has found their new man.  It's actually a former assitant head coach and he's very familiar with the Pac-12 having coached in it the past few years.  It's Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian and both he and USC agreed to a deal to become USC's new head coach.  Current interim head coach Ed Orgeron has resigned and was reportedly "outraged" that he was passed over for the job.  He's right.  USC was not very good when he stepped in after Lane Kiffin got fired.  Orgeron led the team back, going 6-2.  Sarkisian may be a sexier name, but Orgeron had USC going in the right direction.  Sarkisian turned around Washington and he'll do good things at USC, but Orgeron has every right to be livid about how everything went down and athletic director Pat Haden doesn't look great in light of all this.  Well see how this works out for everyone.


Alabama-Auburn thoughts

There has been plenty of time to reflect on Saturday's stunning outcome that saw #4 Auburn beat #1 Alabama 34-28 on a 109-yard missed field goal return by Chris Davis.  In short, It was amazing.  Never seen anything like it.  The game to that point was a classic.  Sure Cade Foster had missed three field goals for Alabama (and those who have sent nasty tweets to him should be ashamed of themselves and are lower than dirt) and Auburn did have the game's only turnover, but for a rivalry game, this was as good as they come.  Can't forget the Ohio State-Michigan game earlier in the day in which Ohio State won 42-41 thanks to a missed two-point conversion from Michigan late in the fourth.  Of course we compare Alabama-Auburn to some of the other memorable college football games like Stanford-Cal with the band on the field and Doug Flutie's Hail Mary to help lift Boston College over Miami (FL).  Here's the thing though.  We've seen hail mary's beat teams with no time remaining.  Nebraska did it to Northwestern a few weeks back.  And we've seen laterals go for touchdowns before.  But a missed field goal returned all the way for a touchdown?  And not just any touchdown, but the game-winning touchdown to send your team to the SEC Championship game in Atlanta?  Over the two-time defending national champion in-state rivals?  Now that is epic.  What a game!  This only comes once in a decade...maybe.  Hopefully we all enjoy for what it really was.


NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks 11-1

If there was any question that the Seahawks were the best team in the NFC, let alone the NFL, the Seahawks answered them emphatically with their beatdown of the Saints.

2. Denver Broncos 10-2

Says a lot about a team that after that loss to New England last week they come back and put forth that effort against a very good team like Kansas City on the road and beat them.

3. New England Patriots 9-3

There's the Tom Brady we've known for a while.  He's going to have to continue to play this way the rest of the year since the defense is leaky at best.

4. Carolina Panthers 9-3

Eight game win streak, but the Panthers better be focused on not laying an egg at New Orleans.  It will be tough and they need to come out with the same intensity that they did against New England a couple of weeks ago.

5. San Francisco 49ers 8-4

Defense is playing better.  Offense is getting healthy.  The 49ers are getting dangerous at just the right time.

6. New Orleans Saints 9-3

Well, looks like the Saints will have to go to Seattle to get to the Super Bowl.  They have to get by Carolina first who they face at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday.

7. Philadelphia Eagles 7-5

Nick Foles has yet to throw a pick.  He is the right man to lead Chip Kelly's offense.  Week 17 at Dallas looks like the game to decide the division.

8. Kansas City Chiefs 9-3

Close, but no cigar.  The Chiefs had their chance to beat the Broncos, but couldn't and now they have a three game losing streak.  All of a sudden, the Chiefs look a little more ordinary.

9. Cincinnati Bengals 8-4

The Bengals defense rose to the occassion against a difficult Chargers offense.  If Andy Dalton can play consistently, the Bengals can compete with the best almost anyone in the AFC.

10. Detroit Lions 7-5

Reggie Bush on turf and Joique Bell backing him up are a scary running back duo.  Couple that with the passing attack and the Lions have an offense to compete with anyone.

11. Indianapolis Colts 8-4

It didn't cost them Sunday against the Titans, but if the Colts can't convert more of those field goals into touchdowns, they'll be making an early exit from the playoffs.

12. Dallas Cowboys 7-5

Cowboys could be really danagerous on offense if they make DeMarco Murray as big a part of the offense regardless if Tony Romo has the flu or not.

13. Arizona Cardinals 7-5

They battled back against Philly, but the loss damages the Cardinals playoff hopes.  They got hurt by some bad calls, but Carson Palmer's early turnovers didn't help either.

14. Baltimore Ravens 6-6

Much work remains for the defending Super Bowl champions to make the playoffs, but hanging on to beat the Steelers was a good start.

15. Miami Dolphins 6-6

Dominant defensive performance Sunday, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves...they were playing the Jets afterall.  A tougher test against the Steelers awaits.

16. Chicago Bears 6-6

Two missed field goals by Robbie Gould may have cost the Bears their shot at the playoffs Sunday.  Giving up over 200 rushing yards to Adrian Peterson didn't help either.

17. San Diego Chargers 5-7

The Chargers were blacked out in San Diego Sunday.  Their loss may mean lights out to their playoff hopes too.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-7

Next time, Mike Tomlin will just yell at a player to try and scare him and prevent a touchdown.  He should expect a fine and the Steelers may lose a draft pick.

19. New York Giants 5-7

A slow start by the Giants didn't end up costing them the game...unlike their season which got off to the same slow start.

20. St. Louis Rams 5-7

A healthy Zac Stacy is proving his worth to the Rams.  So is Sam Bradford compared to the play of Kellen Clemons.  

21. Green Bay Packers 5-6-1

Packers are a better team than their record shows, but only with Aaron Rodgers.  Their performance Thanksgiving Day was beyond embarrassing.

22. Tennessee Titans 5-7

Titans saw a golden opportunity get past them Sunday.  Could have really put pressure on the Colts in the AFC South race.  Now the playoffs look like a longshot.

23. Oakland Raiders 4-8

Good effort by the Raiders Thanksgiving Day, but failure to make adjustments cost them an upset win.  Been that way much of the season for the team.

24. Buffalo Bills 4-8

The Bills' issues playing in Toronto continue.  And no one came out to see them.  Bad team and bad market are not a good combination.

25. Cleveland Browns 4-8

Josh Gordon is the lone bright spot on a team slumping to final quarter of the season.

26. New York Jets 5-7

Rex Ryan says he's stick with Geno Smith.  Jets fans, permission to go irate.

27. Minnesota Vikings 3-8-1

Vikings fans must feel conflicted about Sunday's win.  Love the effort from the team getting the W, but the win hurts the team's draft position.  Agh!

28. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-9

Jaguars fans may be thinking the same thing as Vikings fans.  At least Gus Bradley is getting this team to fight.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-9

Granted going against a team that has won eight straight games is tough, but that was not the same team that had won three games in row Sunday in Carolina.

30. Washington Redskins 3-9

When the refs start messing with your season, you know it's been a bad year in DC.

31. Atlanta Falcons 3-9

Great effort by the Falcons north of the border.  They've had a tough year, but showed that they will keep fighting.

32. Houston Texans 2-10

Johnny Football anyone?  Would be music to Texans' fans ears.  Doubt it will happen.


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