Notes from the North

Seriously. I have to be absolutely the worst prognisticator on the internet. I don't know why I bother paying money to embarrass myself in the pool or spending time to embarrass myself on the web.

Last week, for example, I ended up 9-7 and fourth last in my pool of 69 participants. I scored 80 points in total, a full FORTY points behind the guy who won the week and leads the pool overall. Yes, for every three points he earned, I earned only two.


So go back to whatever you were doing and ignore the following World's Worst Football Picks for NFL Week 14:

Jacksonville over Houston: Am I wrong, or are the Jags actually playing reasonably good football lately? Probably I'm wrong. (14)

Cincinnati to beat Indy: Is it possible to get a handle on these two up-and-down teams? I like the Bengals' receivers against the Colts' sometimes suspect defensive backfield. (13)

New England over Cleveland: One of only two sure bets of the week. So that means the Pats will get crushed. (15)

Oakland to beat the Jets: So maybe Rex Ryan had nothing against Tebow after all. He just can't stand making quarterback changes unless he's forced to by injuries. Whatever, he's a liability at coach right now. (2)

Washington over Kansas City: The Chiefs are looking past this game and taking a W against the sliding 'Skins as a given. Big mistake with huge playoff implications. (1)

Baltimore to beat Minnesota: The Ravens are mostly playing for pride and beating Adrian Peterson will feel pretty good. (12)

Green Bay to beat Atlanta: The Falcons got a gift (no, two late-game gifts) from Buffalo last week. The Packers may not be at full strength but they are still good enough. (11)

Tampa Bay over Buffalo: I give up on my Bills. (10)

Pittsburgh to beat Miami: The Steelers need this one and they're at home. Now it Mike Tomlin can just keep his feet to himself... (9)

Philadelphia over Detroit: Turnovers turnovers turnovers. The Lions produce them in scores. The Eagles fly with them. (8)

Denver to beat Tennessee: Sure bet number 2. (16)

Arizona over St. Louis: An interesting match-up between two teams that have been sneaky-good all season. The Rams defense may just win this one by itself but I think Carson Palmer has learned his turnover lesson last week: when he takes care of the ball, the Cards win; when he turns it over, they lose. (7)

San Francisco to beat Seattle: The first of two massive games in the NFC. For what it's worth, my feeling is the Seahawks may come out a bit flat in this one after their big win over New Orleans. (6)

Giants to beat San Diego: Who knows about this one? San Diego can beat anyone in the league when it's on its game. (5)

New Orleans over Carolina: Massive NFC game number two. The Saints are at home and are angry after losing last week. (4)

Chicago to beat Dallas: It's December. Bye bye Cowboys. (3)


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