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 Sacramento Kings added Rudy Gay to their stars Isaiah Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins. Those three will create an event that I'm sure will be studied by the California Institute of Technology.

Caltech is one of the premier Celestial black hole researchers. Sacramento kings will give them the opportunity to further research that theory.

First let me give you a definition of a Black hole:

 An invisible area in outer space with gravity so strong that anything near it gets sucked up and never seen again.

The trio of Rudy, Isaiah and Damascus will create a new phenomenon, the celestial triangle, once the ball gets in their hands it will never be seen again, you see, they don't like that passing thing.

Sacramento gets another selfish player. Here is a quote from an article on Raptors Watch wed site:

"The above .GIF epitomizes everything that is currently wrong with the Toronto Raptors. DeMar DeRozan runs the floor ahead of Rudy Gay, expecting Rudy to dish out the easy pass which would consequently lead to the easy basket.

Everyone in the stadium, as well as their mothers and dogs expected the exact same thing to happen.

It doesn't happen. DeMar just runs off the floor in disgust, Rudy is acting non-chalant as if "Yeah, that's what I do"; while Lowry and even Ty Lawson seem in disbelief.

The great regression

When was the last time you saw an NBA player regress so greatly after one off-season? Rudy Gay has been pretty abysmal on the offensive end - emphasis on ???offensive' because he's been solid defensively and on the boards.

He looks more selfish game by game, and his favorite shot seems to be the infamous ???Rudy Gay Iso', which consists of dribbling out the clock and taking a long two."

End of quote.

How is this going to work? Now you have three starts who don't believe in giving up the ball. I don't see this coach handling yet another ball hoarder, he hasn't been able to handle two so far.

Look for Cousins to complain about not getting enough shots within ten games. This could get ugly for Mike Malone sooner rather than later.

Look, the problem with the Kings is coaching. Malone appears to change with the weather, there is no clear direction and there is an obvious lack of discipline with this team. Most NBA players don't get a chance to make the same mistakes game after game, they do on this team.

I'm so glad Vasquez is out of there. I thought the guy was going to do well with the Kings but the game Malone advertised was not the product he put on the floor.

Vasquez will do well in Toronto, they do have a good coach, by the way watch Salmons and Patterson play very well for the Raptors..

As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.


December 9, 2013  09:39 PM ET

Using the visual representation, we can also analyze players??? tendencies from individual teams and begin to understand how those teams operate offensively. Houston, for example, has one selfish player (Harden), who fortunately also shoots a high eFG%, with everyone else in the unselfish/high eFG% quadrant (Howard is on the cusp). The Spurs take unselfishness to another level, with almost everyone in the unselfish half of the chart (only Kawhi Leonard is barely selfish).

Of course, the quadrant that teams do not want players in is II, selfish and low eFG%. That signifies ball-stopping, iso-inclined players whose shots don???t fall. The Knicks and Raptors both have two players in this quadrant (Anthony/Smith and Gay/Derozan, respectively). Probably not fun to be on those teams. Though no team is as selfish and horrible as the Sacramento Kings, who have a whopping four players in the quadrant.

"NOTE: This data was collected before Rudy Gay was traded to the Kings. The Kings have now added arguably the most selfish and poor shooting player to inarguably the most selfish and poor shooting team (they didn???t trade away any of their selfish/poor shooting players). This could become very disastrous and/or hilarious."

Great move Kings?


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