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On a frigid dark night in 1929, several North Side Chicago men were discovered in a garage massacred to death. It was later found out that 2 gangs were involved, the victims were the North Side Irish gang and the perpetrators were from the South Side Italian gang led by non-other than Al Capone... Fast forward eighty five years later, the North Side team, the Chicago Bears led by Marc Trestman and the South Side team; the Dallas Cowboys led by Jason Garrett met on a frigid night in Soldier Field stadium. Both teams were playing for the lead in their respective divisions and a playoff berth. For both teams it was a must win because a loss would have put them outside of the playoffs looking in. They prepared and sized each other up, both were confident that they could kill the other's dream of reaching the playoffs and in turn would control their own destiny. One would come out on top; the irony on Sunday night was twisted from that 1929 massacre for the South Side team. The Defense for the South Side team was hijacked by the North Side. The North Side lined the other team's defense against the end-zone and pulled the trigger. When all was said and done the North Side remained standing and the South's dream of winning and taking control of the NFC East was destroyed as they lay there in devastated humiliation. The Mayor for the South Side, (aka) Jerry Jones would later say that his Defense needed to take more risks if they were to be successful. But as the South Side's people already knew, the Mayor had no business being Mayor. He wasn't elected and surely the Mayor knew he would again take his foot out of his mouth. After all 17 years of ill-advised contracts, ill-advised player decisions, ill-advised coaching moves, and just plain incompetent GM-ship, the mayor proved to be, well...simply inept.
December 12, 2013  04:24 PM ET

totally agree, but I guess since J.J. is the owner, he can do whatever he wants with HIS team. Again he is the owner and he only cares about making money, not about HIS team and even less about what all the LOYAL Dallas Cowboys fans think or want. I guess he does not realize that by having a better team, it will be better for his wallet and will be able to make more money, which is after all the only thing he really cares about!

December 12, 2013  09:52 PM ET

I am convinced that JJ is a narcissist and must be in full control of his team and the money thing is probably secondary to him.

December 13, 2013  11:53 PM ET

I am convinced that JJ is a narcissist and must be in full control of his team and the money thing is probably secondary to him.
0 0a

So true!!

December 14, 2013  02:28 PM ET

I don't know I think it's the other way around, it's money first then the Dallas Cowboys..

December 14, 2013  02:42 PM ET

Wild Fan that's hilarious

December 14, 2013  02:46 PM ET

Erasmo either way he should know that the actions he has done over the past 2 decades has dramatically eroded his fan base and undermined his own team.


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