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After a day off, The Stack is back on this Thursday and while there aren't too many topics to talk about, there are some BIG topics to discuss.  No time to waste.  Let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Thursday, December 12:

RG III benched for remainder of the season

Unsurprising to anyone, Washington head coach Mike Shanahan  has benched quarterback Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season.  Kirk Cousin sill start.  You could see this move coming a mile away. Based on what Shanahan said Monday that he was considering shutting down RGIII to get him healthy and ready for the offseason (which is kind of a joke). It has been a rough year for RGIII.  He hasn't looked quite the same as he did last year in large part due to the ACL and not playing in the offseason.  He has taken plenty of hits as well.  Washington season is going nowhere and yet, Shanahan's reasoning seems flawed.  RGIII isn't hurting and he wants to go out there and play for for his teammates.  Shanahan really wants to get out DC.  He wants to be fired.  He probably should be too.  Apart from winning back-to-back Super Bowls which was led mostly by John Elway, what has Shanahan done to deserve another head coaching gig?  He has three ten-plus loss seasons as Washington's head coach.  He couldn't win a playoff game in Denver once Elway left.  He is very good at finding gems late in the draft at running back and turning them into stars (see Terrell Davis and Alfred Morris), but overall, I'm not impressed.  Owner Daniel Snyder is probably going through his own course of action and seeing what he can do to not pay Shanahan, but right now, Washington is the biggest mess in football if not all of sports.  Shanahan gave quite the press conference too.  The dysfunction in DC continues and it has nothing to do with our politicians which in its own right is shocking.


Is Mack Brown leaving?

Reports surfaced Tuesday night that Mack Brown will step down as Texas head football coach.  Brown denies it, but sources say it should happen by Friday evening which is when some banquet is.  However, Brown is down in Florida recruiting.  Is he just a good guy, trying to help the program?  If he is, Brown is an even better person than most people think.  Texas struggled at the beginning of the season, but came back strong only to lose two of their final three games.  That won't due in Austin and the locals are getting very restless.  Brown has won a national championship (2005 with Vince Young), but in a place like Austin, one championship won't do.  Towns like Austin, Tuscaloosa, Gainesville, Tallahassee and more think it is their birthright that they should win the national championship every year.  Brown again, says he has not made a decision on his future.  You wonder if it is more Texas forcing Brown to resign or if they will eventually fire him if Brown refuses to leave.  Either way, it appears to be the end of Brown in Texas, but then why continue to recruit if you won't be around?  Maybe that's just who Brown is.  If that's the case, if he still wants to coach, I imagine plenty of schools and universities will line up to talk to him. 

Now, who will Texas go after?  The obvious answer is Nick Saban.  It wouldn't be stunning if Saban leaves Tuscaloosa, but I would be a little surprised.  Alabama folks are plenty nervous about Saban leaving though as he has yet to sign an extension which reportedly is sitting on his desk.  I don't think he goes to Texas much to the disappointment of Texas fans.  That seems like the one major plan at this point and then there are six or seven other plans in place should Saban decline to go to Austin, but they aren't nearly as sexy.  Names like Mike Tomlin or Jim Harbaugh from the NFL, Les Miles and David Shaw in college football are being thrown out there.  It seems like all Texas fans want is Saban.  Don't think they'll get him, but until Saban signs that extension at Alabama, the door remains open.


San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos 8:25 PM ET NFL Network

An AFC West battle ends the TNF slate this year and it's a good one.  The Chargers at 6-7 are fighting for their playoff lives.  The Broncos need to keep winning to secure homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, but they will be without wide receiver Wes Welker due to a concussion.  That means the rest of the wide receivers and tight end Julius Thomas are going to have to step it up.  San Diego gave Denver a battle in San Diego earlier in the year.  Both offenses are going to put up points in bunches tonight.  If you're going against anyone in fantasy, good luck.  It would not shock me at all if San Diego goes into Denver and wins.  The Welker injury is significant.  He's a shifty slot guy and him not being on the field will impact the offense, but Denver's offense shouldn't slow down too much.  The weather will be fine so no worries on Peyton Manning playing in the cold weather.  Should be an entertaining game.

Prediction: Broncos 38 Chargers 31


Coming up Friday: Week 15 NFL preview and predictions 



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