Notes from the North

I think Star Trek: The Next Generation's Captain Picard once said: "It is possible to do nothing wrong and still fail."

That's how I feel about last week's picks. I did very little wrong and still failed. I went 12-4 and even managed to limit the damage to a paltry 17 points lost in my football pool. I had only allocated 1, 2, 5 and 9 points to the games I got wrong; all of my double-digit games went my way.

Yet my 119 points (out of a possible 136 in the pool) was only good enough to put me in the mid-20s for the week out of a total of 69 players. Holy crap!

Oh well. At least I woke up Monday morning with some hope of winning the pool.

Here are the World's Worst Football Picks for NFL Week 15:

San Diego to beat Denver: Cold weather in Denver. And a hot Chargers team coming in. That spells doom for Peyton and the Broncos. (8)

Atlanta to beat Washington: Can you believe that these two sad sacks were playoff contenders last year? It's possible Kirk Cousins starting at QB will give the 'Skins a boost but I doubt it will be enough. (7)

Tampa Bay to beat San Fran: Upset #1. The 'Niners eked out an emotional win at home over Seattle last week. Look for San Francisco to come out flat against an improving Bucs squad. (6)

Giants over Seattle: Upset #2. Can you say "trap game"? The Seahawks battled hard in San Francisco and might just be taking the Giants, humiliated last week, too lightly. (5)

Minnesota over Philadelphia: Just a hunch. And probably a mistake. (10)

Jacksonville to beat Buffalo: Yes, I am this down on my Bills. (15)

Indianapolis over Houston: Normally, I would be picking the huge upset here. But the Texans are really that bad. (16)

Cleveland to beat Chicago: Who's gonna start at QB for the Bears? A rusty Jay Cutler? Josh McCown, trying to recapture last week's magic? It doesn't matter. Cleveland is desperate for a big win. (3)

Kansas City over Oakland: The Chiefs continute to regroup after their brief, mid-season swoon. With the Colts and Chargers on the sched for the last two weeks of the season, Kansas City knows it needs to win this game. (9)

Carolina to beat the Jests: Methinks the Panthers are a bit angry after last week's big loss. (14)

Dallas to beat Green Bay: Romo puts the December jinx to rest (at least for now). And Dallas' defence responds to the criticism. (1)

Arizona over the Titans: Carson Palmer has figured it out. Protect the ball. Win ball games. (12)

New Orleans over St. Louis: I really thought about picking the Rams here with that tough defence and the Saints coming off a big divisional win. But... (13)

Pittsburgh to beat Cincinnati: Steeler pride versus a Bengals team that might be feeling a little too comfortable with its two-game lead over Baltimore. (2)

Detroit over Baltimore: Funny. If Cincy loses to Pittsburgh on Sunday (as I expect them to do), then perhaps this isn't a good pick. The Ravens could see an opening to get back into the race and clobber the Lions. But, if the Bengals win, then Baltimore might just fold its tents. Still, I'm picking both AFC North squads to lose.


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