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The Stack is back on this Tuesday and there isn't a ton to talk about outside of the football world.  So let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, December 17:

Tucker kicks Ravens past Lions

The headline says it all.  Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker had the game of his life kicking six field goals including the game-winning 61 (yes, 61) yard field goal with under a minute to go to lift the Ravens past the Detroit Lions 18-16.  The Lions flat out blew their opportunity to control their own destiny.  Matthew Stafford threw three interceptions.  Calvin Johnson had a couple of drops that you normally don't see him make.  Terrible loss for the Lions.  They didn't give up a touchdown and yet they lost.  The Ravens defense did their part keeping the Lions offense out of synch, but there is no question who the player of the game was in this one.  Tucker has now made thirty-three field goals in a row.  The second year player from Texas is earning his money.  I'd give him $100 million just like the Ravens did Joe Flacco.  OK, I say that in jest, but the point is still valid.  He deserves the biggest contract handed out to a kicker.  After last night, there is little debating that.


Mack Brown thoughts

It's a real shame that Mack Brown was forced out at Texas as head football coach.  Sure he'll say he resigned, but with so much negativity against him, his team and the university by fans and alumni, what other choice did he have?  The last four years haven't been good by Texas standards, but standards are only that high because Brown brought them back that high.  They were a three win team before Brown got there sixteen years ago.  One national championship isn't good enough in Austin.  Nor in places like Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa or other college football hotbeds where fans think it is their born, given right to have their scholl win the national championship each and every year.  The Longhorns want a big name.  Someone like David Shaw (Stanford), Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco 49ers), Chip Kelly (Philadelphia Eagles), Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers), Jim Mora (UCLA) and others.  They won't get any of them.  Nick Saban just signed an extension with Alabama and said he never considered Texas.  Texas may rue the day they forced Brown out.  Then again, if they land a big name, it may all be worth it.  At this point though, they may have to resort to play B, C, D, E, F or G.


Glendale, Tampa awarded national title games

Finally college football is going to a playoff system next year and Monday playoff committee awarded the title game to Glendale, AZ, (University of Phoenix Stadium) in 2016 and Tampa, FL (Raymond James Stadium) in 2017.  Arlington, TX (AT&T Stadium) hosts the inaugural championship game in 2015.  Just nice to know that D-I college football is headed towards a playoff system.  


NFL Week 15 Power Rankings

1. Seattle Seahawks 12-2

Seattle should enjoy MetLife Stadium.  They'll be back in February.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 11-3

Jamaal Charles has no fully planted himself in the MVP race.  What a performance!

3. Denver Broncos 11-3

The Broncos need to fix the blueprint the Chargers to beat them Thursday night.  Also not playing in the cold will help.  Unfortunately they can't fix that.

4. Carolina Panthers 10-4

The Panthers secondary took offense to Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes' comments and made them pay.  Wonder if the Saints will say anything about them this week.

5. San Francisco 49ers 10-4

The 49ers defense is playing great at the right time.  Their offense is in synch too.  They won't be fun in the playoffs.

6. New England Patriots 10-4

If I'm Tom Brady, I look for Danny Amendola and Juilan Edelman earlier and more often. They seem to be a pretty lethal combination.

7. New Orleans Saints 10-4

Saints are just not the same team away from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  That doesn't bode well for this week (@ Carolina) or for the playoffs.

8. Arizona Cardinals 9-5

Blowing a 17-point 4th quarter lead isn't good, but the Cardinals got it together enough to get a victory.  All the Cardinals want for Christmas is for Larry Fitzgerald to be healthy and beat Seattle in Seattle this week.

9. Cincinnati Bengals 9-5

Still like the Bengals to make the playoffs despite Sunday's ugly loss to Pittsburgh, but they must beat the Vikings Sunday if they want to have any chance at winning the AFC North.  

10. Indianapolis Colts 9-5

We'll find out a lot more about the Colts this week when they go to KC to take on the Chiefs.  Can't look at what they did against the Texans as anything special.

11. Chicago Bears 8-6

Looks like Marc Trestman made the right decision (at least for one week) by starting Jay Cutler.  Can he do it another week?

12. Baltimore Ravens 8-6

If the Ravens make the playoffs, they owe their season to kicker Justin Tucker.  MVP of the team!

13. Miami Dolphins 8-6

Signature win for Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins.  What a play by Michael Thomas to pick off Brady considering Thomas himself was picked up off of free agency on Tuesday.

14. Philadelphia Eagles 8-6

That was quite the egg the Eagles laid in Minnesota.  Perhaps they weren't completley focused after all.

15. Green Bay Packers 7-6-1

Pretty special game by the Packers in the second half against Dallas.  Matt Flynn did his job.  Aaron Rodgers might get his job back this week just in time for a playoff push.

16. San Diego Chargers 7-7

Impressive win by the Chargers in Denver.  Unfortunately it looks like it is going to be too little, too late.

17. Dallas Cowboys 7-7

As bad as it is Dallas right now (and America's average team is just that), the Boys still control their own destiny.  Win out and they win the NFC East.

18. Detroit Lions 7-7

The Lions controlled their own destiny and blew it.  Same old sorry Lions.

19. St. Louis Rams 6-8

You never know what you're going to get from the Rams.  Great effort against the good teams when they aren't given a chance.  Zac Stacy is a stud as is that front four.  

20. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-8

If the Steelers had played like they did Sunday more often this season, they would have been playing for something more than pride against Cincinnati.  

21. Minnesota Vikings 4-9-1

How many of you had the Vikings putting up 48 points against the Eagles without AP?  Anyone?

22. New York Jets 6-8

Santonio Holmes now has learned a valuable lesson.  If you talk smack, you'll tick some people off and they will make you pay.   

23. Buffalo Bills 5-9

A nice road win to help end a tough stretch that saw the Bills lose seven of nine games.  Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller complimented each other nicely in the running game.

24. Tennessee Titans 5-9

Valient comeback by the Titans.  Great effort, but still a loss and it might not help save many people's jobs at the end of the season.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-10

The Jaguars have really turned it around the second half of the season. Tough loss at home against Buffalo.

26. Cleveland Browns 4-10

Give the Browns credit.  They find interesting ways to lose.  Their close, but can't find a way to win those close games.  Sign of a bad team.

27. New York Giants 5-9

Embarrassing performance by the Giants.  They've packed it in for the season.

28. Atlanta Falcons 4-10

Force seven turnovers and still need a failed two point conversion to beat a three win Washington team?  This season hasn't been easy for Atlanta.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-10

Tough task for the Bucs to beat the 49ers.  Still four wins in their last six games isn't bad.

30. Oakland Raiders 4-10

All Oakland wants for Christmas is to never see Jamaal Charles again...ever!!

31. Washington Redskins 3-11

When we should be talking about the inexplicable move to go for two down by one late in the fourth quarter, all anyone is talking about is the continued dysfunction in DC. Sad.

32. Houston Texans 2-12

Did the Texans even go to Indianapolis?  Could have fooled me.  They're ready for the season to end.


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