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Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Great last couple of days with family.  Time to return those presents you didn't exactly ask for as well.  The Stack is here with a couple of things to talk about today as the past couple of days haven't been very busy apart from the quintuple header in the NBA yesterday.  Let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Thursday, December 26:

Tony Romo to miss the rest of the season...unless he doesn't

Monday's bombshell NFL story was Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo missing the rest of the season with a back injury which was reported by ESPN.  It is a devestating blow to the Cowboys hopes of winning Sunday's winner-take-all NFC East clash with the Philadelphia Eagles.  They will not win if he doesn't play.  Kyle Orton is the team's backup quarterback and as a proactive measure, either because they don't believe in Orton or they want some insurance, the Cowboys have signed Jon Kitna to a deal.  He's only 41 years old.  Strange to say the least.  However, there is now some confliction as to whether or not Romo will miss the rest of the season.  He received an epidural to help relieve pain Monday and the Cowboys have yet to rule him out for Sunday's games.  Romo is in serioius pain though and didn't practice yesterday.  It would seem like a longshot that he would play.  Given the drama the Cowboys have gone through this year, it's only appropriate that the final week of the regular season go through this much drama as well regarding their star-struck franchise quarterback.


Sean Lee and Clay Matthews out on Sunday

A pair of linebackers will miss their respective team's games on Sunday, a big blow as each team is fight to win the division.  In Dallas Sean Lee, the team's best linebacker, will miss another start with a neck injury suffered against the Chicago Bears December 9th in the Monday night debacle.  With how bad the Cowboys defense is, losing Lee for this long has only made the defense worse and going against Philadelphia's offense is going to be very, very difficult without Lee.  In Green Bay, Clay Matthews will miss Sunday's game following an injury to the same thumb he broke earlier this year in Sunday's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Matthews is the team's best linebacker and they will miss him, but if the team can get Aaron Rodgers back, that may help soften the blow of losing Matthews when the play the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field Sunday for the NFC North crown.  Either way you slice, both Dallas and Green Bay's paths to winning these week got significantly harder.


December 26th Bowl predictions

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl (Detroit, MI)

Pittsburgh Panthers (6-6) vs. Bowling Green (10-3)

Pick: Bowling Green

Why?: Haven't been really impressed with Pittsburgh this year and Bowling Green did win the MAC by beating Northern Illinois led by Jordan Lynch. That game was also in Detroit.  I like their chances.



Utah State Aggies (8-5) vs. Northern Illinois Huskies (12-1)

Pick: Northern Illinois

Why?: I hear Utah State has a tremendous defense and they will need to put forth a collective effort to stop Jordan Lynch, but I believe that Northern Illinois and Lynch will be too good and they want to show people what might have been had they not lost the MAC Championship to Bowling Green.


Coming up Friday: NFL Week 17 preview and predictions




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