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Tis the season. Time for college bowl games and along with them the endless insufferable, blatant, self-interested, promotions ESPN lauds on prospective NFL draftees. It is really no wonder so many high draft picks go bust these days - they were never that good in the first place. This is why the best picks are often those picks nestled in the middle rounds. Do I believe NFL GM's are gullible enough to believe all the pandering ESPN does to fans' most base instincts? Yes, I kind of do think they are that dumb. I've seen enough wobbly throws that faster DB's (like they have in the NFL) would eat for lunch out of so-called "franchise guys" that I can stand, and it isn't even New Year's Day yet. And its not just the QB's. Why are they zeroing in on that offensive lineman? What's he doing that's so special? Blocking some other college kid? It all smacks of favoritism, commercialism, and just downright dishonesty. Although, it does give these blowhards more opportunities to say historically laughable things like Jamarcus Russell has John Elway-like skill level. (Yes, Mel Kiper really said that)

But in reality, there is absolutely no point in any of these guys who could go pro, not going pro. The announcers go on and on about "well, Andrew Luck/Peyton Manning" blah blah blah. I didn't agree that it made any sense in Luck's case, and it doesn't make any sense in Teddy Bridgewater's case. Bridgewater already has his degree. What else could he stay in college for? To get a serious knee injury and be lucky to be a 3rd day pick like Aaron Murray did? With the NFL's new rookie wage scale, it's better to get in and start earning your years. A 1st round pick is beholden to the team who drafts him for 4 years at a pretty reasonable (for the team) salary. Why would a player give himself an extra year, playing with boys instead of men - for no money and at the risk of career altering injury? It isn't worth it in any player who is good enough's case.

And why do they even ask Lou Holtz anything? Who the hell cares what great-Grandpappy thinks about anything, no matter what the subject is?

Honestly, I haven't been drinking as much beer lately. I know, I know, what possible reason could there be? I don't have a good reason, but every now and then I do find it beneficial to take a little break. When I do return to drinking beer I find I have a fresher sense and more appreciation for the best things found in the nectar of the Gods. So no beer review this week. Also, my apologies for the lack of posts recently. It is the Holidays, after all.

Hope you're having fun, and drinking some good beer...

December 29, 2013  07:35 PM ET

They hype the draft pics to hype the draft. They got hours of commercial time to sell. The more drama, the more eyes on the draft, and the more they can sell slots for.

You've been around long enough to know why they do it.

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January 16, 2014  01:02 AM ET

This blog is cool.

January 22, 2014  05:59 PM ET

This blog is cool.



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