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We got 6 Jobs that came open on Black Friday in the NFL.

Here are my rankings on the worst- to the best job.
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTampa Bay Buccaneers

Out: Greg Schiano
In: Lovie Smith

1. This team is screwed. You play Ryan, Newton and Brees 6 times a year. Good luck with that.
2. The Bucs have about 10M under the cap, so thankfully Josh Freeman didn???t take all that space.
3. The Bucs were dead last on offense, so there is no way to go but up. They will have a full year under Mike Glennon, and Doug Martin is coming back. Carl Nicks can???t be this bad, can he?
4. The Bucs have had a VERY young team for years, that is not becoming the case anymore, and quite a few of those players are no longer rookies or second year players- yet there are not exactly a ton of diamonds in the rough discovered.

Washington Redskins

Out: Mike Shanahan

Not stunned by this firing. Either RG3 or Mike had to go, you don???t fire the face of the franchise, and you can???t get rid of a player you dropped that much for.

1. Unlimited funds. If Snyder can spend a dime, he will, on the flip side, if he can make a dime, he will. But Snyder is many things, but cheap is not one of them.
2. RG3 is paid for. Finally.
3. The Redskins do have some talent, they have quality skill position players, Brian Orakpo leads a below average  defense. This team has playoff talent, but in additon to Orakpo, they have  Josh Wilson, DeAngelo Hall, Perry Riley looking for new deals, and London Fletcher to replace already. They are going to have to decide on what to do with Santana Moss.
4. They should have about 20 million in cap room.
5. They have the 34th overall pick, and Kirk Cousins, there should be several teams in the 14-25 range that could be willing to swap for that package.

Out:: Leslie Frazier

1. The Vikings have a TON of talent, but the big issue here is they have a lot of OLD talent.
2. The 3 new rookie first rounders were a bit mixed. Sharrif Floyd did not get on the field much, only starting one game, and only 19 tackles. Xavier Rhodes wasn???t much better but he started 6 games, with 0 picks. Cordarrelle Patterson had the best year of the bunch, with 45 catches for 469 yards and 9TDs, but had a great year in the return game. Again, none exactly played like first rounders, but they were rookies- not everyone can blow up like Randy Moss
3. Who is the QB? The Vikings had so many QBs on the Roster even John Gruden was looking to cut someone.
4. Peterson was a monster, but the time of a running back dragging a bad team deep in the playoffs might be ending forever.
5. Minny has 13 million in cap room, so Jared Allen is NOT going to kill them in dead money.


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