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Anthony E-is out.

Here is my game blog starting from 9:25 in the game!

Right now with 9:25 left to play in the 2nd half, TU is down 56-39. They aren't shooting really well. Now they are playing full court defense, and putting a lot fo pressure on MSU. But it may not be enough. Neitzel just missed a shot, and Naymick just dunked in the miss. Crap! And Temple keeps missing their foul shots. And they are usually very good at FTs. Now TU is on the fast break and drives in the layup, but MSU picks up a foul on the other end, and Naymick is going to the line. He misses the first one, but makes #2. TU playing perimeter and shoots a 3!!!!! 59-45!! Temple got the steal!!1 They are focused, Tyndale has got the rebound off the Clark miss, and he gets fouled!! Temple has got some momentum!

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Clark makes his first FT but misses the second one, and MSU just hit a three! Dang it! Now TU has got the ball, and are holding on. MSU has the ball back, but misses TU drives up, Brooks missed X-mas, and MSU drives down and Allen hits the jump shot, and now its 64-46. Man! TU has to get it together and quick! TU scores, but now MSU is running down the clock. MSU is driving inside, but it's stripped by X-mas, and scores!! Now they are playing tight on D, and MSU has the ball. We are down to 4:30, and Allen misses, and TU gets the rebound and hits the easy layup! MSU running down the clock but they turn it over and TU scores!!! Now they are playing tighter, but MSU is running down more clock and Tom Izzo calls a timeout! TU only down by 10!!

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Walton at the line makes both FT's and TU has got the ball back. Tyndale gets fouled, and will go to the line, and TU gets the ball back off another t/o! Backcourt violation, and another foul on Tyndale, who will go to the line. But Tyndale misses the first one, and misses the second. MSU runs the clock to under 2 minutes and now a foul by X-mas. And MSU drains both FTs, and TU misses. The game is pretty much over. Wait Allen makes a 3!! 70-59! Oh wait another foul...never mind, as Walton goes back to the line, and hits both. TU will not foul. MSU will go on. Final Score: 72-61. Good Luck TU next year, and good luck MSU! This is good for the Big Ten! I wanted TU to win, but oh well, its good for the Big Ten!                                                                                                    


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