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The Stack joins you on this Tuesday with not a whole lot of big news to talk about.  However, we do have a couple of big headlines so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, January 14:

Ken Whisenhunt is new head coach of...the Titans?

Yes it is true.  San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt has a new head coaching gig.  The former Arizona Cardinals head coach was a hot commodity this offseason with several teams in hot pursuit.  Several reports had the Detroit Lions as the overwhelming favorite and the spot where Whisenhunt would land.  Well wouldn't you know, the breaking news last night had Whisenhut having a new head coaching job...with the Tennessee Titans.  Wait, did I miss something here?  Tennessee made a late push for Whisenhunt and we knew they were interested, but all anyone was saying is that the Lions job was Whisenhunt's to lose.  Who wouldn't want that job?  Obviously not Whisenhunt.  The Titans were aggressive in getting him and now they have their next head coach for the forseeable future.  He did wonders getting Philip Rivers to play as well as he did this year and develop a sturdy and steady ground attack behind him.  He'll need all the help he can, but Whisenhunt is the man for the job.


A-Rod sues MLB over 162 game suspsension

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez just doesn't know when to give up.  Either that or he is caught up s omuch in a tangled web of lies that the only way he feels he can get out is to kick and scream his way through.  When the arbitrator came down with the ruling Saturday that reduced Rodriguez's suspension from 211 games to 162, it was a big win for baseball.  Still Rodriguez got 50 games dropped from his suspension and now will just miss a full year.  You think he would be happy right?  Not A-Rod.  He has sued MLB and the MLBPA in hopes of overturning the ban.  It won't happen.  The arbitrator has final say in matters like this.  You don't have to like the ruling, but the ruling is essentially final.  A federal court will not be hearing this case.  Still we have to wait for that official word and until we do, we can only speculate as to whether or not we've seen the last A-Rod, not only in New York Yankees pinstripes, but in baseball as well.  He's getting up there in age and didn't respond all that well from hip surgery last year.  He became a thorn in the Yankees side and they will certainly try to keep from paying his salary this upcoming season which it looks like thye'll be able to do.  A-Rod doesn't look good in light of this.  Nor does Anthony Bosch who supplied A-Rod and others with the drugs, but he is the one that helped get A-Rod suspended.  The talk of whether or not we've seen the last of A-Rod will continue for quite some time.


Australian Open preview (though the tournament has already begun)

In the Land Down Under, Tennis' first grand slam is underway.  The Australian Open will be for the next two weeks and already things are hot, hot, in the temperature.  Temps will be in the 100s the next few days making it difficult for the players.  Referees do have the discretion of closing the roofs where applicable to make it easier on the players.  This heat wave will come and pass.  A cold front will come through later in the week.  That doesn't help the players now, but for those who make it to the later stages, it will certainly be a welcomed relief.  On the women's side, it's hard not to look at Serena Williams as the favorite after she dominated last year.  Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka will try and give her a run for her money.  Sharapova is much healthier now then she was last year.  I give Azarenka the best shot of taking down Williams, but in the end, this is Serena's tournament to lose.  She won't.

As for the men, well Novak Djokovic looks just as strong as ever.  Rafael Nadal will be there, so too will Andy Murray and maybe a couple of others including Roger Federer, but look for Djokovic to establish his dominance early in the year with a tournament win here at the Australian Open.


Coming up Wednesday: Reaction to top sports stories and headlines



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