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 Just a few weeks ago Raptors fans were talking playoffs and having fun watching their team win, all of the sudden the team goes 5-5 and now they wnt to run them all out of town. Here are some comments from fans at various web sites:

"they're done!!!

I agree wholeheartedly. this happens with so many teams you trade away someone, they play really well for a week or two, everyone gets irrational, then one tough loss and things go right back to hell. this team will still struggle to win 35 games, but the worst part is that they've already won too many and a top 6 pick is pretty much impossible. Idiots."

"I smell a 7-game losing streak, maybe our GM will finally get his act together and dump Lowry and DeRozan right now!!!"

"Tired? Thats a horrible excuse. This team has gotten carefully scouted by opposing teams and now they're having trouble making adjustments, and thats on Casey which he is doing a horrible job of."

"Nah it's dead, the east sucks to much. I don't want to trade Derozan, he's a really good player who just needs help. Really hope Masai doesn't extend Lowry and keeps this **** going, he needs to be traded before we get absolutely nothing in return. i counted at least 3 shots by Demar in the seCOND half where it wasnt even close and one of them was an airball LOL "

"Wait! Is the tanking option still available Come back, tank! Come back! We're sorry we ever doubted you!! We miiiiiss youuuu.."

"Amir and Jonas have been in a slump? Okay let's bench them so they never get out of it"

End of quotes.

Now! That is some hard core smack talking fans, I wish I could of put all of them up for you. Folks some of the comments would of made Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman blush.

Lets remember the team is 5-5 in the last ten games, FIVE AND FIVE not 3-7 or 2-8 folks, that is still a good job, did they think they were going to win them all? The Miami Heat are also 5-5 for Gods sake.

I don't know a whole lot about the relationship between the Toronto Raptors and their fans but I have to assume there most be some kind of pent-up frustration with their team.

Just guessing.

Look, I feel this team will go through their ups and downs and straighten themselves out and make the playoffs. Give the guys a break, give them some time Toronto.

As always this is a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I'm thankful for that.

Enough said.

January 21, 2014  03:35 PM ET

You do know that hockey is going on in Canada.. right??.. Canadians could care less about 'basketball' during 'hockey' season

January 21, 2014  04:08 PM ET

You do know that hockey is going on in Canada.. right??.. Canadians could care less about 'basketball' during 'hockey' season

Ok... but I was talking about NBA Canadian least that is were all those posts I quoted were in......................

January 22, 2014  03:42 PM ET

but I was talking about NBA Canadian fans

There are actually those kinds of fans in Canada??.. and like I said.. Canadians could care less about 'basketball' during 'hockey' season

January 23, 2014  11:47 PM ET

Toronto fans for the The Leafs are extremely loyal..... for the Raptors, not so much.......The Leafs just fell off a winning streak (thx to Dallas).....each win increases the loyalty depth......the Raptors, not so much...LOL


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