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Come on Cowboys Fans this is the time to be very excited!  One of the best corners and an elite reciever in the same conversation, hopefully wearing the Sliver and Blue in the 2008 season!  If you call yourself a fan, and you are not excited-- you might need to check yourself!

I know it is a little premature to think about Chad Johnson joining the team, but I tend to be a little optimistic.  One Chad Johnson is not happy in his current situation and I don't think it is about money ... I think that he just wants out.  On the Best Damn Sports Show, he was saying all he would have to do is decide what finger that he would put his ring on.  To me that says it all, he wants to be a part of the Cowboys organization.  Jerry Jones could make some moves to help the Bengals out.  They could take Akin Ayodele off our hands since we signed Zach Thomas and we could also throw them a pick 3rd or 4th round.  I think that would be compensation enough for a player that is going to be a team distraction if he is forced to stay in Cincy.  Terrell Owens (81 rec, 1355 yds, 15 TDS) and Chad Johnson (93 rec, 1440 yds, 8 TDS) on the field at the same time--- WOW! 

Pacman Jones on the oher hand might be a problem, but if he can get a new beginning in a new environment I think that he might be alright.  Yes, there is downside with signing this guy, but his production on the field is what the organization will be signing him for.  He has been called one of the top corners in the league and he is also a threat when returning punts.  No, he is not a great role model for young children, but he can change that, with becoming involved with the Dallas community and showing the world that the year off has rehabilitated him.  It is not his job to be your kids role models that is the job of the parents.  Even with saying that, children have already seen what having money can do to a person and how much it can affect there lifestyle with all the off-the-field hoopla that this guy has been in since he joined the league.  That in itself probably has swayed many young prospects to do the right thing! 

I will surely like to see this guy in a Cowboys uniform on Sundays because the secondary is Dallas is bad right now and he brings a little youth to them because, Henry is getting older and slower.  Jones is very good in one-on-one coverage and that will take alot of pressure off Roy Williams and Ken Hamlin because these two players stink in man coverage.  They need to develop their skills in the zone reads also.  Defense wins Championships and adding him could make Dallas Superbowl bound in the 2008 season.  The back four is this teams achilles' heel!





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