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2 of the 3 best games so far in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament was Georgia vs. Xavier and Drake vs. Western Kentucky. I felt like going on NCAA March Madness 07 (yes, the one from last year) to re-do the games. First was me playing as Drake...



The game started off like normal games do: slow and no advantage going either way. Then, just like in real life, Western Kentucky got on a run and the Bulldogs were down. It was like that through halftime. Then the 2nd half got interesting.

I started a mini-comeback, but with 5 minutes left Western Kentucky went on a huge run spanning a few minutes. Turns out with 2 minutes left I was down 78-63. I scored and switched my defense to a Half-Court trap. It worked perfectly and I stole the ball getting a layup. Next time they broke the press and held the ball for a while. They missed the shot and I put the ball in. Down 11, they broke the press but I knocked the ball loose and dunked it. Then there was a mixup getting the ball downcourt and I stole it at the fouline and scored. Down 7, 45 seconds left. They throw it deep down court and I pick it off, throw it down court and layed it in. Then I stole the ball and layed it in again. 30 seconds left and down 3. One more half-court trap and a layup, and I'm within 1 with 15 seconds left. I deny everything on the inbound up close so it's a long bomb. Picked off! I run down and dunk it to take the lead. A couple more bad passes give me two more layups and the win, 83-78. I won the game on a 20-0 run.

--------------------Georgia vs. Xavier, I'm Georgia----------------------------

I started the game blowing Xavier out, and I was considering turning it off at halftime because this wouldn't make much of a blog. But my guys started picking up fouls, and in the 2nd half I had 4 fouls and 3 fouls on almost every player. 2 foul-outs later and the Musketeers were shooting for a comeback. In two minutes they go all the way from down 11 to a tie game.

We started trading off 3's and layups, nobody finding an advantage. Then I run drive in to take the lead on a 2 on 1 fast break the big guy does a step back move and gets the defender running towards him. I pass it to the point guard coming in at the 3 point line. The defending center moves back over, but my point guard does a one handed throwdown jam on him. I take the lead and everything looks good.

Then Xavier gets hot. And I go cold. I'm down by 5 with 30 seconds left and I get the defense out of position, driving through the lane. The center to the right plays help defense, stepping in and leaving my big guy wide open. I alley-oop it to him. Unfortunately I learned why my point guard didn't get a scholarship to any Ivy League schools. Instead of throwing it up at the basket when the center jumped, he threw it low and where my guy was. It goes out of bounds and I have to foul. Xavier just kept making the foul shots and I lost by 6.


How was that?


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