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The Stack doesn't have a lot to talk about today.  Plain and simple.  I could tell you that Kevin Durant scored 41 points, including the game-winning bucket to cap the Oklahoma City Thunder's comeback over the Atlanta Hawks 111-109.  Durant is on a tear.  He is the MVP of the league.  I could also tell you that some former NFL coaches have new gigs, well at least one does.  Former Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is now the new offensive coordinator in Baltimore.  Great hire by the Ravens.  The Dallas Cowboys may also have a new play-caller in former St. Louis Rams head coach Scott Linehan.  While nothing is official yet, signs point to Linehan signing with Dallas to call their plays much to current offensive coordinator Bill Callahan's dismay.  Oh yes, they dysfunction in Big D continues.  Let's find out if anything else made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, January 28:

NHL won't commit to Olympics beyond Sochi

Once again, the song and dance will happen again.  The NHL said said Monday that they are unsure whether they will participate in the Olymipcs after Sochi.  The players surely would fight that decision to the very end.  They enjoy playing for their respective countries, representing them and trying to go for gold.  It would be a shame if they couldn't play in the Olympics.  The Olympics have helped the NHL re-gain its status back in mainstream sports landscape.  The 2010 Vancouver games were huge for the sport.  Why would you risk taking that away?

However, there might be an even bigger concern for this year.  NHL Deputy Bill Daly says that security concerns could prevent players from going to Sochi at all for this year.  With the games two weeks away, it seems a little silly to be toying with the idea that they won't be sending players to Russia for the Olympics.  Security is dominating the talk prior to the start of the Olympics.  It is a legitimate concern.  Terrorists are threatening to strike at the Olympics.  But the NHL is really doing itself a disservice by these idle threats.  Maybe I'm wrong.  No one wants these Olympics to be marred by an attack or some bad security measures.  It would be a shame though for these athletes to take away the opportunity of a lifetime for them after all of their hard work.


Super Bowl storyline #4

How effective will Percy Harvin be?  He's played in two games this year due to injuries.  Minnesota Vikings know all too well that Harvin struggled to play a full season, but that was in large part due to migraines that caused him to miss one, maybe two games a year.  This year, he had hip issues.  Surgery caused him to miss the first half of the season.  He played one game against the Vikings and had complications that caused him to miss the rest of the regular season.  He played against New Orleans in the divisional playoffs, but only after some gentle pushing perhaps from the Seahawks.  They were going to put him on IR.  Harvin suffered a concussion against the Saints forcing him to miss the NFC Championship game against San Francisco.

Harvin has been cleared to play in the Super Bowl and by all accounts, he is healthy.  But what will Harvin look like?  How good will he be?  He will have a great year next year I feel assuming he stays 100 percent healthy during the offseason.  What about the Super Bowl?  The Denver Broncos can take a look at tape of him as a Viking, but they have little to go off of what he has done with the Seahawks.  Harvin is a big time weapon and the Seahawks can use him in a variety of ways in a variety of formations.  With no one really knowing what they have in store for Harvin, Harvin becomes the ultimate weapon and a big factor in this game.  The key though, is that Harvin has to be healthy and stay healthy during the game.  It will be interesting to see what he does and if he can play the whole game.


Coming up Wednesday: Reaction to top stories in sports.


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