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Seattle Seahawks


QB Russell "Volleyball" Wilson ----There once was a ball stranded on a desert island

RB "March On" Marshawn Lynch ---- Place Beastmode in continuous loop.

RB Robert "Gas" Turbin ---- A very reliable backup TD generator.

FB Michael "Swiss Family" Robinson --- Another Seahawk stuck on a desert island.

WR Golden "Do Not Hesi" Tate --- Carpe Football!

WR Doug "Alec, Daniel, Stephen & William" Baldwin --- Hair may be everything, but bald wins.

WR Jermaine "Cuss, Swear &" Kearse --- He gets nasty when he wants to be.

WR Percy "No Mercy" Harvin ---- There's no quit in this Seahawk.

TE "X" Zach Miller ---- Precision is what you get with this tight end.    

LT Russell "O'King" Okung ---- Irish royalty at left tackle.

RT Breno "The Ayatollah" Giacomini ---- The All-Exhalant ruler of the Right side!

LG James "Plumber, Electrician &" Carpenter ---- A jack of all trades, the master of guarding.

RG J.R. "Young" Sweezy ---- Not only can this guard block, he can rap too.

C Max Unger "Games" ---- This center "Caught Fire" at just the right time.

LT Alvin "Irish Cream" Bailey --- Not the dairy creamer, the destroying creamer.

LG Paul "Inqusitive" McQuistan --- Always asking McQuestions.

RG/RT Michael "David" Bowie --- Plays both guard and tackle; A virtual 'Space Oddity'.

C Lemuel "The Mule" Jeanpierre --- Smaller than a horse, but bigger than a donkey.





LDE "Burgundy, Maroon &" Red Bryant --- Red will 'Stop' you in your tracks

LDT "Emmy, Grammy &" Tony McDaniel --- An award winning left tackle.

RDT Brandon "Insane in the" Mebane ---- A right brain tackle.

RDE Chris "Kringle" Clemons ---- Whether by truck, train or sleigh, this defensive end delivers!

LOLB Bruce "The Playmaker Jr." Irvin --- Though not a Cowboy, this linebacker is a star.

MLB Bobby "The Tail" Wagner --- This dog wags the Legion of Boom defense.

ROLB Malcom "X" Smith --- Activist, tackler and quarterback sacker.

LCB Richard "The Lionhearted" Sherman --- Brave, courageous, daring and wordy!

RCB "By Air or," Byron Maxwell- I hereby swear to defend the Seahawk goal line with all my might.   

SS Kam "Trustee, Provost &" Chancellor --- The senior official of the Legion of Boom

FS Earl "The Duke" Thomas --- He currently holds the highest title on the LOB defense.

LB K.J. "Never Wrong, Always," Wright --- Never doubt this linebacker.

CB "Sir" Walter Thurmond --- A knight on the Legion of Boom defense.

CB Jeremy "Left" Lane --- He's fast, quick and loves to pass.

DT "Bill" Clinton McDonald --- They just call him POTUS #42.

DE Michael "Sackman" Bennett --- The best way to catch a qb? With a Ben- Net, of course.

DE Cliff "February, March, &" Avril ---Like clockwork, you can count on him.



Special Teams


K Steven "God bless you" Hauschka --- Gesundheit!

P "Washroom, Restroom &," Jon Ryan ----- This punter can back you up!

LS Clint "John" Gresham --- There is no mystery with this long snapper.




HC "Re" Pete Carroll --- That's name says two R's and two L's, his game says, two W's.

OL/AHC Tom "CNN" Cable --- He delivers all the latest breaking Seahawks news and information.

OC Darrell "Duplicate" Bevell --Not one to be out done by his coach, it's Darrell with two R's and four L's. 




Denver Broncos




QB "Wallpaperin' &" Peyton Manning --- He's ready to paint the town Orange!

RB "Wisdom, Truth &" Knowshon Moreno --- He knows what it takes to win it all.  

RB Montee "Hall" Ball -- Come on down, "Let's Make A Deal".

RB Ronnie "Over the" Hill ---  And thru the woods to Coach Fox, he will score!

WR Demaryius "Justice of the Peace" ---- He'll "hitch" you, even though he's married to Peyton

WR "North, South, East &" Wes Welker --- He has a nose for the end zone.

WR Eric "Double" Decker --- He can go short, or long; double your receiver fun.

WR Andre "Cell Phone" Caldwell --- "Can you hear me now?"

TE "Orange" Julius Thomas --- This TE is creamy, tangy and smooth; Drink him up!

LT Chris Clark "Kent" --- Mild mannered off the field; Superman on it.

LG Zane "John, Paul, George & Ringo" Beadles- He is the Walrus! Coo Coo Kachoo.

C Manny "Man-Ram" Ramirez--- "Man-Ram" means road grader in Spanish.

RG Louis "Pop Quiz" Vasquez ---Vasquez, what you call in Spanish, an instantaneous test.

RT Orlando "Sea World" Franklin --- He has the Killer "Whale" instinct.

Inj. C Dan Koppen "A Feel" --- That???s what Peyton does on the snap count.






LDE Malik "The Mechanic" Jackson --- He can spot an oil leak from a mile away.  

DT Sylvester "Puddy Tat" Williams --- Get him mad? He'll go "Looney Tunes" on you!

NT "Sir" Terrance Knighton --- There is no shortage of 'royalty' in Denver.

RDE Shaun Phillips "Screwdriver" --- He's out to 'screw' Peyton or any qb into the ground.

SLB Nate Irving "Texas" --- A North Carolina native, but this Cowboy's heart is in Texas.

MLB Wesley "Woodshed" Woodyard --- Behind the yard, or shed, he's whooping your butt.  

WLB Dannny "Triple Threat" Trevathan --- That's Danny with three N's!

LCB "Undisputed World" Champ Bailey --- 'Nuff said.

RCB Dominique "Run DRC?"Rogers-Cromartie --- Re: Richard Sherman- You Talk too Much.  

SS Duke "Taco Bell Grande" Ihnacho --- "Think outside the bun", I mean, warm your buns!

FS John "POTUS #2" Adams --- He may not be royal, but he was president.

NT Mitch "Relax &" Unrein --- Lay around, or lay you out, makes no difference to him.

RDE Robert "No Runs, Hits or" Ayers --- What you would call a no hitter.  

SLB Brandon "The Other" Marshall --- He's a Bear of a different kind.

MLB Paris "John" Lenon --- Imagine? if the Broncos won the Super Bowl.

LCB "No" Quentin Jammer --- Ram 'em, slam 'em and jam 'em, 24/7.

RCB Tony "The Tiger" Carter --- He's not flakey, Heeee's Grrrreat!

SS David "Silver Bullet" Bruton --- Frost brewed from Brew- town, Golden, CO.

Inj LB Von Miller "Time" --- (Not) Living the High Life.   




Special Teams


K Matt "God Bless" Prater --- He says a prayer before every field goal.  

P "Great" Britton Colquitt --- there is no quit in the punter.

KR/PR Trindon "Happy" Holliday --- Trying to tackle him is no vacation.  




HC John "Crazy Like a" Fox --- He's cunning.

DC Jack Del Rio "Grande" --- The river, I mean defense runs through him.

OC Adam "Unleaded" Gase --- He has the fuel to run the Denver offense. 


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Who's your favorite nickname? 


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January 31, 2014  06:51 PM ET

Chris Berman.. the main reason I stopped watching ESPN's NFL pre-game show and any other show he's on.. the man is an idiot!!..the nicknames aren't funny anymore and neither is he


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