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.... and we're back, with issue 3 of as the buzzer sounds!  This week we will find out what happened in the Eastern Conference Finals matchup between the Wizards and the Raptors! Whoever wins this series will go on to play the Blazers in the NBA Finals!  Let's find out what happens.....


The series is about to start! In game 1 the Raptors lead it at halftime by a score of 54-49.  Chris Bosh took over the first Chris Boshhalf of the game scoring 17 points and grabbing 6 boards.  However in the thrid quarter, the Wizards went on a 14-3 run to start the quarter which put them up by 6.  At the end of the third the Wizards led 76-74.  In the 4th however the Wizards dominated the whole way and went on to win the game 103-94.  In game 2 the game went much the same except for the fact that in the 4th the Raptors dominated, not the Wizards....  After this, the series went to Washington for the next 3 games.  The Wizards won the first 2 of these games but then lost the last one.  Both teams headed back to Toronto then, for the final 2 games.  The Raptors who were facing elimination, played great b-ball in the first half of game 6 and jumped out to a 61-49 lead at the half. In the third the Raptors were able to score 10 unanswered points but the Raptors hung on to win 104-98.  Then, in game 7 with the series tied at 3-3 we began the game.  In the first quarter, Caron Butler went down for the game with a sprained achilles heel.  He would not return this game.  At the end of the first the Raptors led the Wizards 23-21.  In the second quarter the Wizards started pressing and the Raptors could'nt play with the press D and they fell behind 45-50 at halftime.  We then headed to the locker room for halftime....

Welcome to the Eastern Conference Finals Halftime Show! This is Da Masta with my partner Dwade and we are bringing you today's halftime show!

Da Masta- So, Dwade, what did you think of this first half of action?

Dwade- Well, I think that it was greatly played by both teams but the Raptors got very lucky that Butler went down.  Before this game, Butler was averaging 28 PPG this series.  That would've hurt the Raptors later in the game.

Da Masta- Now, who do you think will win the game, based on what we've seen so far?

Dwade- Well.... I've gotta go with the Wizards.  They've played great underdog basketball all season and are looking great this game.  If they keep pressing they should be able to win!

Da Masta-  Yah, that press really stopped the Raptors.  It was partly the reason Bosh only scored 8 first half points.  The main part of the Raptors scoring came from Jose Calderon who scored 18 points this half.

Dwade- I think that the Raptors will find a way around the press this quarter.  They played well against it in the regular season and are likely to remember how to play against it in this half.

Da Masta- Alright, well that's all the time we have today folks.  This is Da Masta and...

Dwade- ....this is Dwade and....

Together- We'll see you again in the post game show!


This is the end of today's issue of As the Buzzer Sounds.  I know that it is shorter than usual but I have to go and didn't have much time to write it....


                                         -Da Masta


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