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Not to be bragging or anything but my March Madness is going very well so far.  I had 3 brackets.  2 of them have already likely died.  In one of them I had Clemson and U-Conn both going to the Final Four.  In the other one, I had a bunch of minor mistakes that killed me.  However, in the 3rd bracket, I picked EVERY SINGLE GAME RIGHT so far.  Through all of the upsets I had the right picks. Now, before this NCAA Tourney, I had never gotten even close to winning.  Now you may not want advice on the rest of the tourney's games but if you do here is some....

Sweet 16

My picks in the Sweet 16 are:

UNC vs. Washington State- Both great teams playing here.  UNC is good but Washington State is also full of experience.

Winner- UNC-  With Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough, UNC is unbeatable

Louisville vs. Tennessee- This is another great matchup.  Both of these teams could've been 1 seeds and this will be close all the way.

Winner- Tennessee- I didn't choose Tennessee for any particular reason but one team has to win and with 2 great teams I just chose the one that beat Memphis....

Kansas vs. Villanova- Villanova will continue their tourney run by beating Siena but then they will face a tough Kansas team who should blow out UNLV.

Winner- Kansas- 'Nova had a great run but Kansas is just to good.  They are probably the most complete and solid team in the country!

Wisconsin vs. Davidson- Yah, that's right, I chose Davidson to beat Georgetown.  Davidson has won 23 straight games! That's damn good! The should be able to upset Georgetown in the already topsy turvsy Midwest.  Wisconsin is also just to good for Kansas State.

Winner- Wisconsin- Davidson was good enough to upset Georgetown but Wisconsin will just be to much for them.  Their streak will end at 24 games.

Memphis vs. Pittsburgh- This will be another good matchup.  Pitt. will beat Michigan State and Memphis will also win their game.

Winner- Memphis- Although many people would call an upset here, I would choose Memphis still.  They lost only one game and that was to the #2 team at the time.  It was also a very close game.  They will just be to much for Pitt to handle.

Stanford vs. Texas- Stanford will barely beat Marquette but they will beat them. Texas will kill Miami though. This will be another great matchup though.

Winner- Texas- Even without Durant, Texas is still a great team who will beat up Stanford.  Texas wins by about 10...

UCLA vs. Western Kentucky- This game won't be so good.  Western Kentucky is by far worse than UCLA.

Winner- UCLA wins by 20. This game shouldn't even be close. When a 1 seed plays a 12 seed you can guess the result. W.K. won't be this year's George Mason.

West Virginia vs. Xavier- Xavier is good and West Virginia is good, this one will be close and we will have a great nail biter.

Winner- West Virginia- The West Virginia magic continues as they knock off Xavier.  They have now beaten Arizona, Duke, and Xavier.

Stay tuned for the Elite 8 coming tommorow!


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