Sports in America have never been less entertaining.

Think about it. No doubt you saw or heard about the Super Blow last night. It reminded me so much of the multitude of horrible, undramatic, anti-climactic and forgettable Super Blows. After all the hype, the thought ofgetting excited about a team full of trash-talking, shucking and jiving Seattle Seahawks isn't my inclination. Mid-third quarter after the Broncos turned the
ball over for the 100th time, I switched to Netflix and watch three straight episodes of the amazing TV Series "Breaking Bad." That's entertainment.

In the NBA, have you seen any of the season yet? No one is paying attention because there is only one guy and one team that matters. Kevin Durant shoots the ball better than anyone his size, and maybe anyone of any size ever. Averaging a league-leading 31 points per game and well on his way to the League's MVP title, he's the only one worth watching. The Miami Heat
don't try during the regular season and, while he can be entertaining, LeBron James doesn't make nearly as many long-range swishes as Durant. No one wants to watch professionals not try at anything including basketball. The New York Knicks invented the word unwatchable. They collect big checks and pout aboutplaying time and lose constantly. The starters for the San Antonio Spurs each play about half of the regular season games, regardless of injuries or not, to
preserve themselves for the playoffs. The NBA regular season should be eliminated.

In college basketball, 90 percent of the players can't shoot the basketball well. It's the AAU-ification of young basketball players who, while in high school, travel around the country playing in countless tournaments showcasing the fact that they are between six foot six and six foot
nine and are quick and projectable as NBA players based on those features alone. But my sense too few of them practice shooting during this phase and it shows. Brick upon brick they heave up to the basket, making for unsightly basketball. The object of the game of basketball is to shoot the ball accurately. There is nothing more beautiful about the game than swishing an outside shot. Less so than ever does this happen anymore, it seems to me, because these players lack the discipline and need to practice their shooting skills the way the game demands that they do.

They rely on physical talent and don't seem to have the mental toughness to take 100 free throws every day - at least - and 100 shots from each of the baselines, from the wings, and from the top of the key - at least. They don't do this because they may be lazy and don't respect the game. They just play and show quickness and are tall and projectable so they get
scholarships to play at Division I colleges. We turn on our TVs and watch poor
shooting and are unimpressed and not entertained. We are turned off by an abundance
of unskilled performances.

To be fair, the Duke vs. Syracuse classic last Saturday night offered a barrage of gorgeous outside shot swishes and entertained. But that game was a rarity in college basketball and will continue to be.

In Major League Baseball, let's be honest: It's a cesspool of sorts when you factor in the steroids problem looming over the entire sport. You can't be sure, for example, that the wonderful season that Baltimore Oriole slugger Chris Davis had last season launching home runs was
legitimate. You have to wonder how a guy pops so many more dingers in one season than he has in the past. Ever heard of Brady Anderson, another Oriole who out of nowhere smacked 51 home runs one season and then was accused of using enhancing drugs. You have to wonder if he, like ARod and Ryan Braun, Davis has taken performance enhancing drugs. And you would be reasonable to expect that if caught or accused he would lie about it to protect this
overrated sports thing called "legacy."

Turning to baseball, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series and good for them. But did they really have to all wear hideous beards while doing so? Was that supposed to show how classy they were? It looked rebellious. Fine, rebellion can be a good thing but I wouldn't want me son to grow up and show the world his nasty beard on national TV so all the Little Leaguers around the world could see how rebellious my son could be.

Which brings us the upcoming Winter Olympics. This is what we have to look forward to: Corrupt international figure skating judges who will likely pull stunts to penalize some skater or skaters from countries they have a personal vendetta against. There will be no recourse, just ice
skating controversy. It happens at every Winter Olympics. They will post their scores and no one will be able to change anything, not even Dick Button, the U.S. figure skating TV broadcaster the past 98 years. We will then turn out attention to the bobsled competition where, no doubt, the Americans will not win a medal. Eastern Europeans own the bobsled events. American broadcasters will hype the fact that the Americans have a chance at a bronze medal but we
know that won't happen. We've seen the bobsled movie before.

American downhill skier Bode Miller will remind us of what he did in an Olympics a few years back that was unfathomable. He went out partying during the Olympics and it affected his performance. Many people wondered why someone would spend four years preparing for the Olympics, sacrificing so much of his life to win an Olympic medal, and then throw away all of that for one night out on the town. I am still wondering.

In the Nordic Combined, the event in which skiers have to traverse many miles through the woods, don't expect any Americans to be anywhere near the medals. Eastern Europeans dominate this event as well. Probably some animal from the Czech Republic will take gold and a German the silver.

Which brings us to the only sport in American that may still have entertainment value: Olympic Swimming. If Michael Phelps returns to go for his 49th Gold Medal at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that will be an entertaining sporting event. Besides Kevin Durant, Phelps is the only athlete in America worth watching anymore.




February 3, 2014  04:42 PM ET

Yes, everyone is super excited about watching Olympic swimming 2 years from now.


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