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Originating in classic European storytelling, ballads have become very popular in western culture. And as I scrolled through iTunes, I noticed that I had a lot of songs entitled "The Ballad of...". Therefore, I thought I'd throw them together and create a Sounds of Ballads edition of the Sounds of Karma. Enjoy the ballads. 

Johnny Cash - The Battle of Ira Hayes

Here the great Johnny Cash sings about the Indian Ira Hayes who assisted the immortal U.S. soldiers in raising the American flag at Iwo Jima. After the war, he was showcased and paraded around the States as an American hero. As a result of his new image as nothing more than a museum exhibit, he became depressed and drank himself to death.



Cobra Starship - The Ballad of Big Poppa and Diamond Girl

Cobra Starship is, more or less, a nonsense band. They are silly and quite out of the norm, and their innovative Spanish alt-dance music has certainly caught the attention of a sparkling fanbase. "The Ballad of Big Poppa and Diamond Girl" is frighteningly catchy, even if the musicianship is average.


Matt Costa - The Ballad of Miss Kate

Matt Costa is one of the best acoustic songwriters I've seen in this generation. Now that's a brash glorification, seeing as he's only signed and shipped out two full length albums. Still, though, his beautiful picking shows how the music scene has progressed into more emotional movements since 2K. "The Ballad of Miss Kate" tells the story of a woman who betrays her man, shoots him, and leaves him, only to find herself a poor prostitute when the two meet again. Her unfortunate end is met by an oncoming train. Ouch.



The Killers - The Ballad of Michael Valentine

The Killers' "The Ballad of Michael Valentine" comes off their newest compilation album Sawdust. Relying on the usual sophisticated style and grace of The Killers, this song tells about a traveling womanizer. There doesn't seem to be much of a plot or story line, but...oh well. It's a decent song, nonetheless.



Foo Fighters - The Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners

Now, here's why I lie to you. This isn't actually a ballad; it's a mere 2:32 acoustic instrumental. However, it does say "The Ballad of" and it is quite a nice song, so I added it in here. Enjoy the crisp, smooth, island, and unorthodox sound of Foo Fighters acoustic.



The Beatles - The Ballad of John and Yoko

When John Lennon and Yoko Ono decided to get married, they had no idea the troubles that lay ahead of them. Passport and attention issues forced them from country to country to country before finalling wedding in Gibraltar. This song by The Beatles illustrates the adventure that they endured to proclaim their vows. I suppose it's fairly bittersweet, since...well, everyone hates Yoko Ono.

Did you enjoy this issue? Good. 


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