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Jerry Jones has some very tough decisions to make in the near future. The Dallas Cowboys have a very good nucleus of players. In the NFL today, there are limitations as far as the salary cap goes, we all know that. It's all about how you pick and choose to pay your players. Teams like the Cardinals, Lions, and Raiders have had their issues of keeping their own players that they draft. The Cowboys have signed so many players that have been with the team for a while like: TE Jason Witten, QB Tony Romo, LT Flozell Adams, C Andre Gurode, RT Marc Colombo, RG Leo Davis, SS Roy Williams, MLB Bradie James, WR Patrick Crayton, RB Marion Barber, but still have many tough decisions too make. The Salary cap makes it to where every NFL team is almost equal. Teams have to decide what positions are most important for them. You look at the more successful teams and most of them build through the draft with one or two players in free agency. FA is so expensive these days its just rediculous.

The hardest decision is who to pay. The Cowboys will resign OLB DeMarcus Ware to one of the Biggest deals in Cowboy history. That is a great decision. But there are many spots that need to be addressed.

CB is the biggest issue of all on the Cowboys. Terrence Newman is a stud. But he is going to be 30 this season. He is in the last season of his contract and had an injury that will never really heal. The CB market is up to around 10 Mil per year. The Cowboys have to be smart about this. Unless T-Newman will take a deal that would give him 5 Mil per year the Cowboys should not resign him. Anthony Henry is very solid when healthy but has proven that he can't stay healthy. He is about to be 33. The Cowboys should really let both of these guys go in the offseason next year. This would ultimately free up 10 Million in cap space for 2009. The only other guys we have at CB are Brown and Ball....two late round picks that may contribute on special teams.

So what would I do? I would pull the trigger on Titan CB Pacman Jones. Why? Because he is a very good CB at 24, and a very dangerous PR. Is he worth the headache, Sure. The Cowboys will give up a 5th or 6th round pick for him. Pac has already said he will redo his contract to suit the Cowboys. This is his last chance to play in the NFL and with a team that has a great foundation already built it makes sense for him to succeed. Have you heard anything from Tank Johnson, T.O........??? I didn't think so. This would give the Cowboys a very Deep and talented CB position. But wait, there is more. Then I would use one of the first round picks on a CB like Aqib Talib of Kansas, or Mike Jenkins from USF. Then basically you have two very fast, young CB's that could take over in 2009 as the Starters half of the price that Henry and Newman cost. The Cowboys don't have the money to resign Ware and Newman. You would have a 25yr old and a 23yr old CB's taking over the starting positions in 2009 at one of the Highest paid positions in the NFL. It's like chess. How you make your's got to be smart. What if Pacman does something? Cut him. You lose a 5th round pick and no money. No big loss at all.

I would even grab another CB in the third round like Penn State Justin King. If he would have had a good season he could be looking in at the top 10. But fueds with the coaching staff and concentraition issues have put him in the 3rd round. He is pretty big and runs a 4.32. He has all the makings to be a great CB in this league and a GREAT PR. So there you have 3 very solid CB's who are all fast and can hit. All can contribute on special teams and for 1/3 of the price you would pay for two old CB's. This is kinda like what the Eagles have done with Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent, Lito Sheppard, Sheldon Brown, and Roderick Hood.

 RB Marion Barber- He is a stud, a true work horse. But with every work horse you need a fast guy behind him. Marion will beat up defenses for the first 3 quarters and bring in a guy like RB Jamaal Charles who can hit the home run in the 4th quarter. Jerry Jones must get this guy signed to a 7yr deal.

RT Marc Colombo- He is solid but most likely won't be resigned due to his age and the deal that he will command. The Cowboys drafted RT James Marten and OT Doug Free last season to be CHEAP replacements at RT and LT.

OLB/DE Greg Ellis needs to be cut after this season. Spencer will be a force at OLB in the 3-4. Ellis is complaining again and will be 34. This move will save 3-4 Million in 2009. We have Spencer who is grooming to be the man.

DT/DE Tank Johnson needs to be resigned. It won't cost too much and he is a great player to have rotating and in the 4 down lineman packages.

DE Chris Canty must be resigned. This will cost quite a bit of money, but it is worth it.

I don't expect TO to be back next season. He will be 35 after this season and his contract will be up. I do think he can play at a high level for at least two more seasons. If he takes a pay cut to about 3 Mil per year, then he will get his superbowl ring along with helping out the team with cap space.

The last part that needs to be addressed is Safety. Roy Williams is garbage. He is not going to be a Cowboy after this season because he has continued to degress. He has to show a lot more than he has despite making the Pro Bowl (only by his name). Ken Hamlin needs to be resigned. It will cost about 4 Mil-5 Mil per year. The Cowboys have Patrick Watkins and are high on him. They can move Hamlin to SS and let Watkins take over at FS in 2010. If they Cut or trade Roy Williams after this season that will open more cap to keep Hamlin.

2009 Draft

Cowboys trade 5th round pick for CB Pacman Jones

22. WR Limas Sweed UT- 6-4 215 4.47 Big and fast. Great hands and will be a great red zone target. As polished as any WR in the NFL Draft.

28. CB Mike Jenkins USF- 5-10 197 4.38 Jenkins has the size, speed, and the hitting ability to make it big in the NFL. He also has the ability to be a great PR.

2nd. RB Jamaal Charles UT- 5-11 200 4.38 Charles has the speed but he can catch and break tackles. He can be the guy that helps the Cowboys even out there offensive attack.

3rd. CB Justin King PSU- 5-11 195 4.31 King has all the ability in the world. He can be great. Also he can return punts and kicks. He also has great hands for a DB. This would give the Dallas Cowboys one of the youngest, fastest DB backfield.

4th. DT Frank Okam UT 6-4 347 5.35 another longhorn, but this guy will give depth all over the 3-4 alignment. He will be a good rotational guy.


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