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First of all I think that title is pretty good job me.  But, anyway the Sweet 16 is now set..and the matchup that intrgues(for obvious reasons) the most is Wisconsin vs. Davidson.  Davidons has beaten, or come close, to beating several pretty good teams this year.  In this blog you're going to get my preview of this Sweet 16 matchup.

This game is in Detroit which gives a distinct advantage to the Badgers.  I'm not sure how much that's going to come into play..but I think the fact that we don't have to go too far could possibly help.  In the first two rounds Davidson had a pretty big advantage getting to play in the state of North Carolina.  I've only gotten to see Davidson once this year, and that was their tournament game.  One of the things that I noticed about Davidson is they're very reliant on Stephen Curry, as they should be, he's a great player.  

That last point about Stephen Curry being such a great player brings me to my next thought about this game.  That is, Stephen Curry vs Michael Flowers is by far going to be one of the better matchups to watch during the course of the game.  Mike Flowers has shut down some pretty good scorers throughout the course of the season some of the guys he's shut down include: Eric Gordon and Drew Neitzel..there are many others but those are the two main guys in conference play.  Taking nothing away from Stephen Curry I think Michael Flowers and the Wisconsin defense might be one of the toughest he's gone against this year.  Georgetown is good defensively but I think Wisconsin presents many challengese to you.  

Also, I think that Trevon Hughes has really found himself in that point guard position for us and I think is really going to step up big time for us.  We've got the obvious size advantage on the inside..and I'm really noticing Brian Butch is playing big right now for us.  This game is going to come down to who has more left..and I think Davidson can hang with us for a half based on the pure emotion of everything going on around them..but when it comes down to it...I think Mike Flowers will lock Stephen Curry up..and Davidson needs him to be huge.  As Curry goes this Davidson team goes.  I really think this Davidson team is about to hit a wall...we've seen it with mid majors time and time again..they can get so far then they just crash and burn..and I dont think this Davidson has the big bodies on the inside to compete with Wisconsin this game.  My prediction is going to be Wisconsin wins.

Tell me your thoughts about this game? Comments..predictions? Thanks 


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