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This is the second round of the Chicago Bears mock draft.  To read round one please click on the link that is on the right of the screen.  As a quick note, props to Randy23 for his comment in the previous post.  His question asking why most mock drafts have the Bears taking a RB or WR (some even have a CB or S) in the first round when they have a more pressing need was right on target.  In fact, that is what compelled me to create this blog.  I wanted an intelligent mock that will make sense to Bears fans.  As always, comments are welcomed.  Anyway, let's get into round two.   In the second round, the Chicago Bears select (hopefully)..... 

Photo of Chris JohnsonRound 2 Pick 44-Chris Johnson|RB|East Carolina 

Bears' View: Offense was the focus of the first round, with the Bears taking a solid offensive lineman with their first pick.  It should be more of the same in the second round considering many glaring holes still remaining on the offensive side of the ball.  OG Branden Albert would have been a nice selection for the Bears here, but his draft stock has pushed him up into the first round, most likely going to the Steelers at pick 23.  With the only guard worth being taken in the top two rounds already off the board, the Bears are able to shift their attention to another pressing need...Running Back.   The good news is that the RB position is relatively deep.  The bad news is that none of the top backs will be around when the Bears draft in the third round, almost forcing them to pick one up in round two.  The top five backs on my draft board are Darren McFadden, Rashard Mendenhall, Jonathan Stewart, Felix Jones and Chris Johnson, in that order (in case some of you were wondering, leaving Jammal Charles off this list is no mistake, as I have no interest in the Bears having two Texas-sized disappointments at RB).  The first four backs should be gone in the first round, leaving Johnson as the best of the rest and best choice to be the Bears RB of the future.

Pros & Cons: Johnson is a great all around player with blazing speed, good burst and great hands.  He has amazing athleticism.  Very hard worker who has a high football IQ and no known character issues.  Would prefer to take the ball to the outside rather then up through the tackles, which could be a problem in the Bears' power running game.  Has not faced top competition. 

Bottom Line: On a team with too few playmakers, Chris Johnson should make an immediate impact, giving the Bears a versatile threat who can catch as well as he runs.  Not only would he form a great tandem matching his speed with Cedric Bensons power, but he should also be effective lining up as a reciever in the Bears vertical passing game. 


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