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Look, even if you are a Die Hard Bengal fan you have to understand what Chad is going through. This guy is pissed because he wants to win. The fans are saying he is too much into himself and he didn't make enough plays last season. That is Crap! He set the Single Season Receiving record last season with over 1,400yds. I mean c'mon.

Chad Johnson is mad because the Bengals have had plenty of chances to strengthen that Defense. The Offense is fine. They could use a Back up RB that isn't hurt every season, OL, and another TE to along with Utecht. But the Defense is soooo bad.

The Bengals are now trying to switch to the 3-4. They really don't have the personnel to make the switch anyway. They couldn't even keep a 4-3 alignment together. The reason I say that the 3-4 wont work is because they have no Depth at LB, or on the DLine. If they were to switch......Who would play 3-4 NT, and who would rotate at NT. Who would play the two 3-4 DE's and rotate with them. The only certain is that Ahmad Brooks would be a good fit at 3-4 MLB. Who would play opposite of him? Then you have to ask about the two most important positions of the 3-4, 3-4 OLB's. Robert Geathers is a solid player that will make the switch very well. What about Antwaan Odom? He is 6-4 272...That is pretty heavy for a OLB in the 3-4. Shawne Merriman plays around that weight but Merriman is about 10 times better. Can Odom drop back into zone or man to man with a TE?

The Biggest point that I am trying to make is that the Bengals don't have enough talented players to play along that 3-4 front 7. You need lots of DT's and Big Linebackers. They have neither. They have no depth at the DT of LB core. DT's are DE's in the 3-4.

 If the Bengals would have made the trade for NT Shaun Rogers and gotten a good 3-4 Linebacker like Derrick Smith or possibly even bring back Takeo Spikes.......then maybe Chad would have been happy.

The Bengals will not get back to the playoffs without a talented Defense. Anyone can score on this team. They need 3-4 DL, MLB, OLB, FS, SS.......Pretty much everything plus Depth across the Defense.

Chad Johnson will be 35 by the time they reach the Playoffs. The Browns and Steelers have gotten better. The Bengals are worse than they were before. 6-10..........This is why Chad wants to go somewhere else. The only problem is his cap hit against the Bengals. I would love to have Chad in Big D, but it won't happen.


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