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327 Date (3/27) of 2003 when Shonie Carter met up with Jeremy Jackson at WEC 6 and lost a tough decision. The fight came in the middle of a crazy three month stretch for Carter. From February 21st to May 16th he fought five times and get this, his shortest bout lasted ten minutes, three went three rounds and ended in decision, and the fifth went a grueling five rounds. In all he fought one hour and twenty minutes.

Jeremy Jackson wasn't as busy. The fight with Carter was his only in the first half of 2003. It was also sandwiched between two fights with Nick Diaz. Jackson TKO'd him in the first, but in the second Diaz returned the favor.

Carter and Jackson actually met up once again as least sort of. They were both contestants on The Ultimate Fighter 4 which premiered on August 17, 2006 and both their antics are hard to forget.

Shonie "Mr. International" Carter rolled into the house completely pimped out. It didn't take long for him to get his first fight, and only a little longer for him to drive his housemates crazy. And Jackson eventually made an incredibly insane decision that thrust him into the spotlight as well.

In the first episode Carter defeated Rich Clementi. Jackson had his big moment in the fourth episode when he tried to sneak out of the house in order to meet a lifeguard he met at the YMCA! The cameras caught him hopping the fence and Dana White sent him packing.

Throughout the show Carter did his best to annoy everyone. In episode eight he even trained with the other team which made nobody happy. Finally, in episode ten Carter met Matt Serra in the semi-finals. Jorge Rivera made fun of Carter with a clown wig and nose and called himself "Phony Carter." In the fight Serra scored the decision ending Carter's stint on The Ultimate Fighter 4. He did not even participate in the Finale. However Jeremy Jackson the fence hopper did, but lost to Pete Spratt when he suffered a neck injury in round two.

Surely on 3/27/2003, on that night five years ago as Carter and Jackson stared at each other at WEC 6, neither one of them could have predicted that they would meet again on a reality TV show, one that has had far reaching effects on the sport. But sure enough they did and both had very entertaining and memorable experiences there too.

As of today Carter is 37-17-7 and coming off a loss in November of '07. Jackson has not fought in almost a year. His last bout was a win on March 31st improving his record to 9-5.

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