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Yesterday was a pretty big day in the world of soccer.  It was an official FIFA Friendly day, if you will.  Many teams had matches and I'm going to quickly summarize a few of my thoughts for you to read.  So, let's get started quickly.


1. The United States has a lot more heart and are better than I thought.  The Americans came out and showed absolutely no signs of nervousness in the Poles own backyard of Krakow.  Bob Bradley's boys came out and showed they do have what it takes to contend in the next World Cup.  Bradley tried something different than he ever had.  He split Donovan and Dempsey out on the outside mids and it just clicked.  Michael Bradley played tremendous, and it looks like the US have what it takes.  The defence and goalkeeper played great.  I'm very excited for our guys after this result.

2. Poland should be worried.  According to the Poles, they are a contender to win Euro.  After seeing that, I'm starting to think their miracle first place in their qualifying group over Portugal was a big fluke.  Let's see if they can prove me wrong.

3. Egypt are better than you think.  The Egyptians, who are two-time defending African champs are veyr dangerous.  They are good on the ball and I think that they will be able to compete well in the upcoming World Cup and Confederations Cup.

4. Look out for Alexandre Pato.  The kid is dynamite.  Just as Sweden was looking like they would be able to get a tie with the young Brazilian squad, Pato responded with a wonderful goal.  I want everyone to take notice, especially those in the Serie A.  Pato can and will score goals.  This kid is going to play a key role for Milan making the Champions League for next year.  Mark my words, they will be in it.

5. Spain are very dangerous.  The Spainards are finally sick of it, I think.  For a while now, they have been the loveable losers of soccer.  They can't win and everyone counts them out of the big tourneys.  Well, it looks like they are done with that.  Yesterday, Spain defeated defending World champs Italy 1-0.  David Villa, who you should look out for (Golden Boot Candidate at Euro 2008), scored a goal in the 76th minute.  Both sides were pretty much at full strength, and one just has to think that Spain are going to be contenders for the Euro title this year. 


*Before I finish this up, I want to do something else.  I'm going to make a Bold Prediction, if you will.  And that prediction is that the Netherlands' Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is going to be a factor in the Euros this year.  If he has a good tourney, like I think he will, he will likely find himself transferring away from Ajax Amsterdam.


Well, until next time, this has been Keeper and I'm out.


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