Thank you Duke Lacrosse. Thank you for showing heart, the human spirit, grit, love, forgiveness, maturity. Thank you for not giving up on us even though we gave up on you. Thank you for staying in school, sticking by your friends, trusting your parents and mentors. Thank you for forgiving so many and for believing in an American justice system that everyone else seemed to forget. Thank you for a great season, a life lesson, and for holding your heads up high after today's loss in the NCAA finals against John Hopkins. You boys fought to clear your names and the names of your friends and today, trailing 10-4 at halftime, fought hard to win a national championship not for your school who gave up on you and your coach, but for each other, for your families, your new coach, old coach, and three teammates still searching for their next place in this world. Watching the game all I wanted to do was thank you for your efforts on and off the field. Human beings like yourselves are always okay in my book, even if I only learned that through a stupid party.

On the other hand Michael Vick is a disgrace to the sporting world. The lesson we learned in the Duke scandal should still prevail: "Innocent until proven guilty." But at the same time why has Vick not tried to clear his name as hard as the students at Duke did? Why did Vick throw the blame on his cousin instead of saying "This is my house and I will help investigators in any way I can as I should have known what was going on in my house." A message for Mr. Vick, this is your house. I do not care if your cousin lives there and if you are innocent, the responsibility is yours to ensure that the activity in the house remains legal and safe. Dog-fighting is wrong wether Clinton Portis wants to agree with me or not.

It has been a few days since I have been able to write since I have been out of town but I feel like those two situations need to be discussed. I hope all of us, unless you are a John Hopkins student, alumni, or fan, cheered for Duke on Monday. I also hope that after the game we all applauded those student athletes for their heart and dedication. Some final thoughts:

1. Since when has the NBA not allowed hard fouls? You are allowed to knock a guy down just stay away from his head and let the official blow the whistle. This is just one of the many reasons why the NBA is nothing like it was back in the 80s and 90s.

2. It is almost June 1st, the Yankees need to get going. I know its early but this Yankee fan is starting to get a little worried although an hour long team meeting was a good idea in my opinion. Clemens pitched well tonight and this week or so with games against the Blue Jays, Red Sox, and White Sox will either get the Yankees going or dig an even deeper hole.

3. The NBA lottery was stunning. The Celtics with the 5th pick? Goodbye Doc Rivers.

4. Finding the Stanley Cup finals on TV continues to be about as hard as finding someone on America's Most Wanted list. It happens occasionally but the average person does not even know where to begin to look.

Enjoy your Tuesday's sports... Hope to talk tomorrow


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