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Barry Bonds is quite possibly the most hated man in America right now, if not Osama bin Laden. It seems everyone who is not of blood relation to Bonds wants him to defect to Cuba, or die, or something like that. The man's facing perjury charges for lying to the jury about his steroid use. Not only did he lie to them, but he also lied to all of America in saying that he didn't take steroids, only to confess that he took them "accidentally".

And in the process he manged to surpass two of the most loved legends in baseball history in the home run race, Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron.

He's inconsiderate, often times rude, and he has a big head.

That's a lot of reasons to hate someone.

Lots of Giants fans try backing up Barry, and I might too if I was in their position, but these steroids cheaters do not deserve to be called the best, because they only reached that position because of their steroid use. It's not fair to the other players who still play well and take steroids.

And when Bonds actually did break the all-time home run record, it forces us to actually call him the best, even though we all know he's nowhere near the top. He may be big in stature, but his shadow is miniscule compared to Ruth's and Aaron's.

I don't think I'd go as far to say I "hate" Barry Bonds, but saying that I "mega-loathe" him may be just as effective, only without the hurt that comes along with saying "hate".

Home run ball #756 now has a big asterix drawn on it, showing that though it may be a record, it's only there because of Bonds' steroid use. I personally support his, mainly because it looks down on the record, which everyone should, rather than glorify it by placing the ball in the Hall of Fame.

So what's next for Big B? Rumor has it he's heading off to Tampa, Florida, to a nice retirement complex, Tropicana Field, where he can relax, get away from the crowds (they're certainly not at the D-Rays game) and wait out the rest of his career, so he can gladly retire from the game and receive more threatening phone calls and die.

Should he go into the Hall of Fame? I personally don't think so, but he certainly could in my opinion. Bud Selig doesn't seem to be too concerned with steroids (unless the media forces him, too), or baseball for that matter. The problem defidently started with the big wigs' at MLB headquarters failure to control the steroid problem in the early 90's.

Bottom line is, though, if Bonds stays out, they're all staying out. That includes McGuire, Canseco, Palmero, Sosa, Clemens, and anyone else I may have forgot who have taken steroids.

The Steroid Era was long and tough for baseball fans, but now with the exit of that era and the entrance of the Persecution Era (our own form of the Spanish Inquisition), it seems that baseball may finally get over the Barry Bonds and Mark McGuires of baseball, right?

Wrong. This is going to be with us for a very, very long time, so get yourselves comfortable. It's going to be a long and grueling ride.

Some people don't like Bonds... and when I say "some people" I mean everybody, and when I say "don't like" I mean hate with a fiery passion.


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