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On the second day of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament the #10 Davidson Wildcats came into the Madness with pretty low expectations in regards to how far they thought they could go. After last night's game against Wisconsin, a CBS reporter asked Stephen Curry if they ever imagined getting as far as they have. Curry's responded by telling the reporter that he could never have imagined this. Let's get to the point here.


March 21, 2008: First Round

(10) Davidson vs. (7) Gonzaga

At the tipoff of this game, most people who had filled out a bracket had picked Gonzaga over Davidson. (I for one picked Davidson because I just love upsets) Davidson and Gonzaga started the first half as one that was pretty interesting. Not many people have seen Davidson before and the amazing play of sophmore guard Stephen Curry showed the country what he is made of. At the half, Davidson was down 41-36, and most figured thats how the game would end, with Gonzaga just edging out Davidson. At this point Curry got hot. Real Hot. By the end of the second half Davidson, in large part due to Curry, had outscored Gonzaga 46-35 in the second half on their way to an 82-76 upset win. Curry who carried the team to victory scored an alarming 40 points while going 14-22 from the floor and 8-10 from 3 Point range. Stephen Curry's 40 points in the upset win was his second most in any game this past season, and it was also good for most points by any player in the first round of the year's March Madness. Davidson played pretty well against a good Gonzaga team. The question remained though, could they possibly play well enough to knock of the Senior Roy Hibbert and the #2 Georgetown Hoyas?

March 23, 2008: Round of 32

(10) Davidson vs. (2) Georgetown

After knocking off the #7 team in Gonzaga, Davidson figured that would be the end of the fun. I don't think anyone had this one picked. If you did, let me know, you might be a genius. There is absolutley no way a #10 from the Southern league could top #2 mighty and powerful Georgtown right? Wrong. Dead wrong in fact. Most viewers were ready to bust out their highlighter and mark Georgetown in the Sweet 16. This probably occured just after halftime when the Hoyas jumped out to a 17 point lead in the second half. Curry clearly was not happy with this and rallied his troops to make one last push and with just under 5 minutes left in the game Davidson took the lead and never looked back. After being down by 11 at the half, the Wildcats went on to outscore Georgetown by 15 in the second half as they went on to a 74-70 upset win over Georgetown. Curry once again led all scorers with 30 points, and once again Curry (along with 2 others) led all players in scoring for the Second Round of the tournament. Was Davidson the next George Mason? The questioned was answered the following friday when Davidson played Wisconsin in a Sweet 16 matchup.















March 28, 2008: Sweet 16

After upsetting Gonzaga in the first round, and Georgetown in the second round, would Davidson's luck run out against #3 Wisconsin? Wisconsin is a great team, and teams like Davidson who make unusuall runs in the tournament, often fall short of making the Elite 8 in the Sweet 16 round. Davidson however, is an exception to that. In a game that was tied at 37 at halftime, Curry and his teamates went off, and not just on offense, but on defense as well. Offensivley Curry scored 33 points in the game, and his team outscored the Badgers 37-20 in the second half on their way to a 73-56 upset win over Wisconsin. And guess what, Davidson's Stephen Curry led the tournament's remaining 16 teams in scoring for the third straight round. Do the math, go ahead. 40+30+33=103. Now I'm no expert, but I would have to think that 103 points in 3 games (34 ppg) is pretty high. During the second half of that game, I could not believe what I was seeing. Davidson, a #10 in the tournament, held one of the nations best teams to 20 points in the second half, and just 56 points in the game. One question remains, can they do it?

March 30, 2008: Elite 8

(10) Davidson vs. (1) Kansas

The stage is set, much like it was two years ago when George Mason made their mystifying run. Could the Davidson Wildcats upset #1 Kansas to advance to the Final 4? In my opinion, yes, they most definatley can. Although it may not seem so, Davidson didn't get to this point on just Stephen Curry alone. They have all the pieces needed to reach such great heights. First they have momentum, after all they have a 25 game winstreak in progress, including their 3 big March Madness wins over (7)Gonzaga, (2)Georgetown, and (3)Wisconsin. Sure Curry has averaged 34.3 ppg so far, but that's not all. They have Jason Richards, who is just a good of an assist man as a shooter (he had 20 points in the win over the Hoyas). They have Andrew Lovedale, a big guy who can be very dangerous if the Wildcats need to play a game down low, and then there's Max Paulhus Gosselin who pretty much thrives off setting picks and screens for Stepehen Curry. If Kansas doesn't find away to guard theses guys "properly" they could be in some serious danger of being in for a long day against a Davidson team that is coming off a huge 17 point win over the nations best defense. Many people say No way, I say yes way. Curry and his Davidson teamates have made me a believer. I, along with many, will be rooting for the Wildcats tomorrow night when they tip off against the Kansas Jayhawks at 5:05 pm ET. Be sure to watch it, don't miss history.


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