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This is part 1 of my 6 part series......

Kevin Black sits at his desk, counting the profits from the last job. The room is totally dark, except for the desk lamp Black keeps on. With a big grin on his face he places dollar by dollar the money he earned back in the breifcase he retrieved earlier. Then as if in unison he puts the last 100$ bill back in the case and the phone rings. Kevin picks it up.


"We got another job for you," a mysterious deep voice says to him,

"Meet me at the Grimsly, 5 minutes, no time for questions"

A click is heard, a shiver moves down Kevin's back. They told me that was the last one, he thought to himself. He gets up out of his chair and turns off the desk lamp. He flicks on another switch and dim lights come on. He grabs his keys and puts a blade in his pocket, his checked the clock. 12:32 it read.

"This better be quick" he mumbled to himself. He flicked of the switch and walked out the door. As he walked to the door, he thought about what they would need with him. He prays to himself that it isn't like the last job, that was to much to handle. He got into his car and started to back up. As soon as he got to the end of the driveway he had second thoughts.

"I cant do this, if he makes me do the same job as last time I might wimp." Black said to himself. But he pushed on, and into the darkness he went. He reached Grimsleys in less the 5 minutes. The only man in the bar was a man in a black coat, and a black hood over his head. Black knew that was him. He walked over to the man, 

"You're late." Kevin looked over to the clock 12:39. Then he looked back over to his boss.

"What do you need me for," Kevin said.

"I told you already, I need you to do me a little errand." The mysterious man said.

"If it's anything like the last one Tom I can't do it." At that point Tom stood up with a knife to his neck

"I told you to never call me my first name again! To you im Sir and only Sir you got that? Call me my name one more time and your life is over." Kevin swallowed and looked around. Remebering everyone was already gone. And remembered Sir owned the place.

"Yes Sir" Black said in a scared tone.

"Good, now im going to give you these prints, and you don't say a word you just walk away into your car and leave, if you make one word I slice your throat, got it?"  

Kevin was sceptic at first, he then decided he had no choice. He shook his head in a yes meaning and took the piece of paper from Sir. As he walked out of the shop a tear shed from his eye. Not again. As he turned around Sir was staring right at him with a big smile,

"I picked this one special for you Kevin"  

to be continued....  


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