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The interview was conducted over several days.Cheezhead,the great tder,blogger,and good all around guy.



C:Hey Cheezhead,how's it going?

CH:Pretty good; Josh's live blog is crazy. I've been there almost all day.

C:How did you come to FN?

CH:Somebody I knew had an account and I tried it out. He's inactive and I can't remember his name...Most people say they start out with T&R's, but I started off with throwdowns. The hard way. I went like 2-8 in my first 10 (upside was I did win a close, high voting td against matmillen). 

C:Ok,who mentored you?

CH:Well, nobody really. I mean, some people could have helped a little, but not anything big. If I had a mentor I might be on the leaderboard right now. (I'm less than 2% away) 

C:What do you see in your FN future?

CH:Well, I like to be modest, so I have to say the top spot on the leaderboard, a FN HoF vote-in, and the #1 leader in the FN Top 25.(oh yeah real modest) 

Seriously though, I see me picking up more throwdown wins.

C:What is your greatest accomplishment on FN?

CH:Well, I'm getting close to both 100 blogs (I didn't blog much at first) and 100 throwdown wins. But right now, I'd like to say winning back to back Sports 24/7 TD Tourneys or getting accepted into the Atroo, who is very hard on applications.

C:What do you think is the biggest issue on FN?

CH:Well this new Group Mail is an annoying thing; it kills views. But I'd say that or the people who come in and make 50 stupid throwdowns/obvious throwdowns. Homers are a big pain too.

C:Politics:Who would you vote for in the upcoming election?

CH:I'm not really political and I don't know anyone's platform. But I think McCain sounds good; everybody else is getting negativity, but I don't hear any towards him.

C:So on to baseball,it's almost here!What's your outtake on the mets?

CH:Well, I sitll haven't gotten over the collapse of the century. I still here about it. Even if the Mets beat the Phillies every game this year there will be a But we still won. But this year I think Johan plus a Pedro that New York didn't have until late, minus an aging Glavine will really improve the win/loss record for NYM. 

C:How much does Johan's aquisition do for the club?

CH:Well it'll bring about 20 more wins and a lot of quality innings, meaning that the Mets won't have to go to their bullpen as much. Which is good because I don't want more blown games by Scott Schoenweis. I'm telling ya, if they had half of the wins Johan is gonna give the Mets, there wouldn't have been a collapse.

C:So they'll beat the Phillies and actually not colapse?(Cough *choke*,Just kidding)

CH:Yes I'm saying they WILL beat the Phillies, win the division, and win the season series against all division opponents. That should go in the "Told ya So!" group.

C:Who's your pick to win the world series(besides Mets)

CH:I'd have to say the Boston Red Sox. They still look like they can win it all.

C:What do you think about Brett Favre?

CH:Yeah, well if it gives you an idea, the PackerNation is acting like he died or something. There aren't too many role models in sports like him left, and he will be missed. Almost everyone could relate to Brett Favre in some way.

C:What can you expect from Aaron Rodgers?

CH:Well he might be a bit shakey, but the one performance we did see from him was in Dallas. If that's how he will consistently play for GB, I think we'll be seeing a good amount of Leaps.

C:Any ideas on what draft needs the packers have?

CH:I'm really not good with the draft, but maybe a cornerback or a safety. You caught me there, I haven't really thought about that yet.

C:Well get thinking.It's in a month!What do you think about Ryan Grant?(geez get to it)

CH:Maybe a little, but if you saw him play this year, only as a first-time starter, remember, you'd be impressed, wouldn't you? 

 CH:The next LT when it comes to numbers and fantasy football. Seriously, in the last half of the season (when he played), LT was the only RB better stats-wise.

C:Come on!Don't you think that's being a little bit of a homer?

CH:Maybe a little, but if you saw him play this year, only as a first-time starter, remember, you'd be impressed, wouldn't you?

C:Yeah,He was great for his first year.But LT?I don't think so.What do you think is the best pick for the dolphins @ #1?

CH:Anything. I mean come on, is it going to hurt them no matter who they pick?

C:Who should they pick?A bad one could set them back a few years.CH:

CH:Well they can't get set back too much more, but I'd say Matt Ryan. They haven't had a QB that knew what a football was since Marino.

C:So you like the bulls too.what do you think about their stuggles?

CH:Well, I can't believe it. They were projected as far as a NBA Finals spot, and now they aren't even in the playoffs. They probably won't make a run for the 8th spot, too.

C:Even in the weak eastern conference.and you know what sucks?The athlete I hate more than any other(Joakim Noah)plays for my favorite team.What do you think Joakim does for the team?

CH:Well when he gets experience he'll be a great part of the team and hopefully will start some more playoff runs; sooner would be better than later.

C:I still hate him.If the Bulls are forced to make a move this offseason who do you think they'll trade?

CH:Maybe Noah, since he's young talent.

C:Really,Why?Just because he's a young talent?I would say Luol Deng.

CH:Eh...well usually young guys that look promising can go good in the market.  

C:What's your finals pick?

CH:...Suns over Celtics in 7.

C:Suns,ok,so how much of a difference does shaq make in the playoffs?

CH:Well if they use him right, he'll get the boards, blocks, and points against the dominant inside games of the other West teams. 

C:Thanks for being such a great interviewy

CH:Yep...I'll be here if you need an encore for a ratings boost. (haha)


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