Kevin Youkilis Wears Granny Panties

While everyone submits baseball predictions, I'll hop on the forecast bandwagon with my American League picks. Get psyched for 80's TV references.


Boston Red Sox-94-68.  Is this the first time in years that a team repeats Championships? Nah. Not in my book. But with Beckett, Papelbon, and a rookie influx, Boston wins the American League East for the second year in a row. Look for Beckett to win 20, and to put a stranglehold on the Cy Young with Santana gone.

New York Yankees-93-69. The Pinstripers will surprise a few with the trio of young'n hurlers who could completely restock the Yankee rotation. Joba, Kennedy, and Phil Hughes have 1-2-3 written all over them, and I think Girardi will bring a nice pop and spunk to the Yankees. I sound like a kid on Punky Brewster.

Toronto Blue Jays-88-74. Another year in which the Blue Jays are relegated to third simply because they play the Yanks and Sawx 38 times. Do they deserve our sympathy? Yeah. But then again, I'd rather see the Rays in the playoffs than a Canadian team. Baseball is not our sport.

Tampa Bay Rays-75-87. They break the 70 game benchmark, which is an accomplishment only for the Rays. But this is a team on the rise. You know what that means...they'll finish 10 games behind the Red Sox in a decade.

Baltimore Orioles-59-103. One of the alltime worst seasons in Oriole history. This one'll be bad. Like, really really bad BAD. Bad. Bad. No bullpen=bad. Bad. Bad.


Cleveland Indians-95-67. Sabathia operates swimmingly in a contract year, and Carmona makes a bid to replace C.C. next year. For all the hubbub the Tigers have stirred, the steady, solid Indians take the division. And get this: they take it with ease.

Detroit Tigers-88-74. I know. Less than 90 wins. But here's the thing, the Tigers are getting older. Pudge is in  his late 30s. Kenny Rogers is in his early 40s. And the D-Train is not a good fit for D-Troit. If Willis struggles in the National League, wait until he has to face Shelley Duncan six times a year. Heebie jeebies.

Chicago White Sox-84-78. I'm not sure which to be more confused about. How the White Sox won a series or how they've completely fallen off the face of the earth since. No Jon Garland means a struggle to achieve .500. And Ozzie Guillen crying?

Minnesota Twins-80-82. People are bargaining that the Twins will disintegrate. Why should they? They still have Liriano, an ex-MVP, a batting champ, and a young core. Not to mention one of the best managers in the game in Gardenhire.

Kansas City Royals-72-90. No major improvements, no major drops. These ARE your good ole Royals. Don't expect anything. Please. Don't expect anything.


Seattle Mariners-98-64. King Felix and Erik Bedard. JJ Putz. Ichiro. This team has IT. I don't know quite what IT is, though I've seen IT in eBay commercials. Pencil 'em in for the division. And maybe a date with the Cubbies in late October.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim- 93-69. No, I have no answer as to why they acquired Torii Hunter, and I don't even think that they know. They'll do alright, but without Escobar and Lackey to start the season, this Angel year ends in September.

Oakland A's -90-72. Yeah. I said it. And I believe it, too. Billy Beane has done it once, he can do it again, and though I may be making to much of it, the A's played the Red Sox well in Tokyo, and should've swept that series.

Texas Rangers-77-85. I like the Hamilton pickup, but I despise that they did nothing to their rotation and are staking all their pitching in Kevin Millwood, a No. 2 at best. A very Ranger-like year.


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