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Well it's been a few days since you last heard from me.  Since then we have won two of three from the Mets and then lay down and take it in all three from the Phils.  Oh yeah, and a minor note, we lost Mike Gonzalez for the year.

This is a huge blow for a couple of different reasons.  We lose our 7th inning closer, and we lose a lefty in the bullpen making Macay McBride our only lefty option in our pen.  When I saw this move it made me sick and I knew were in big trouble.  As good as Tyler Yates has been he is no Mike Gonzalez and we saw that yesterday in the Brewer game.  Some of the magic from this season is gone already and now our bullpen is vulnerable.  Face it we have two pitchers that can get us to the 8th inning to get the ball to Soriano and Wickman.  We may end up being okay but we are definetly not as strong as we were a week ago.

It was as if the Braves had the wind sucked right out of them after hearing the news and promptly got swept at home by the Phillies.  This is something I just can not understand.  We couldn't hit at home to save our lives and I will NEVER understand how we made Jamie Moyer look like a young Randy Johnson out there.  Hopefully we have seen the last of the fill in 5th starter saga with Lance Cormier ready to go after 6 2/3 strong innings in the minors.  Davies is still up to his regular inconsistencies.  How you dominate a Mets lineup and then go the next game and can't go 5 without putting us out of the game I will never know. 

As bad as the pitching was our hitting has been equally as bad if not worse.  Like I said we couldn't hit Moyer, then Saturday we get a struggling Eaton and can't hit him either(excluding Renteria).  Then we all know what happened Sunday with Hamels, who we have never been able to hit well.  I know Chipper is out and all but we have got to figure out a way to get some runs on the board without him.  I mean he is going on the DL soon and then we will be without him for 2 weeks.  So either we need to trade for Dye or someone else now(my personal fav is Carl Crawford) or we can continue to score 2 runs a game and cross our fingers and be out of the Mets league by the time Chipper comes back.  We're in trouble and there is no huge sign of it getting better.  Yeah Andruw has hit homers in the past two games.  Yeah McCann is starting to come around.  I just hope Andruw comes back to his MVP form before it's too late.  We have come this far pretty much on Chipper's back and without Andruw's bat and we should be thankful for that.  We didn't do anything impressive yesterday and the Brew Crew and we single handedly pulled Caupauno out of his pitching slump.  Luckly Soriano and Wickman were lights out because we deserved to lose after loading the bases and scoring no one. 

We better turn things around quickly because the Mets are sprinting towards October and felt the need for a pit stop.  I just hope our bats come around before its too late and we are even further than 4 games out.  We need a sweep this week against the Brewers with Smoltz and Hudson rounding out the series.  So Go Braves.

On a side not congrats to Bobby Cox who is only 2 ejections away from soly holding the record.


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