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My MLB division predictions for the upcoming year.




1.Red Sox-haven't done a lot to get better or worse.Colon should be interesting.Ellsbury and Pedroia,watch out for these guys to see what we can expect of them

2.Yankees-Problems all around,all the time.A-Rod does seem to be connecting with the fans though,and an extension.Will Phil Hughes be a bust?Or the next Yankees great?

3.Rays-Yes the RAYS time is now.All of that talent should finally drag them out of the bottom half of the east.Bullpen problems could be their downfall.

4.Jays-Not many Big Name guys,Halladay,Wells,and Thomas will have to pick up a large load.

5.Orioles-What to be said?They're just terrible.Hope for the emergence of Adam Jones and Nick Markakis


1.Tigers-Yes I've been playing up that deal that brought D-Train and Miggy to Detroit.But the more I look at it I see him continueing to be an average pitcher.Verlander is essential to the Tigers success.Along with the best(yes the best)lineup in baseball

2.Indians-*Wildcard,Pronk,Victor Martinez,Sizemore.C.C. is coming off a Cy Young season,but will Carmona produce like last year?Or was he a fluke?

3.White Sox-Ozzie being Ozzie,if he can stop criticizing himself he might be able to lead the Sox to an ok season.But Joe Crede to start the season at third?Josh Fields is ready to go.

4.Twins-Not much here,they got Delmon Young.They lost Torii Hunter.This is a rebuilding year for the Twins.And if Morneau and Mauer produce,they might be able to save themselves from embarrasement.

5.Royals-Don't expect much.Just enjoy Alex Gordon.


1.Angels-Vlad is in a contract year,now if he can stay healthy.......John Lackey and Jered Weaver are keys here.Torii Hunter gives the Angels 3 of the MLB's best OF's at fielding,Gary Matthews Jr.,Torii,and Vlad.Mick Soscia is a great manager and has a lot of talent in his hand.Now if only Ervin Santana can shapen up.

2.Mariners-Eric Bedard and King Felix are expected to lead.Somehow the Mariners were able to contend last year,and with Bedard they could find another way.

3.Rangers-Getting Josh Hamilton was a big move for Texas you watch,(even though they lost Volquez,it's good for both the Rangers and the reds).Once again the Rangers will not have good pitching,what's new?

4.Athletics-Moneyball and Billy Bean seem to have gone overboard.Trading Swisher AND Dan Haren?I'm not sure where you're getting at Billy.Uhh,I h guess Joe Blanton is their ace,but he could get traded around the deadline.



1.Mets-Johan,the emergence of John Maine,Pedro is back.Expect a good year pitching,and YES,they won't fade down the stretch.Reyes,Delgado,Wright,still provide much production.

2.Phills-3 I repeat 3 MVP candidates in Howard,Rollins,and Utley.Pitching can still be a problem for the Phills.That's where Hamels comes in.Expect success from baseball's all time losingest team.

3.Braves-You're always a contender with young talent and Bobby Cox.Glavline is back to finish his career with Atlanta.Jeff Franceour should emerge in the outfiled.And since they're the Braves,you can expect a few young players to burst on the scene.

4.Nationals-Picking up Elijah Dukes is a risk that many wonder about.He has a load of talent but can he keep his act together.The nats aren't  a good team,they just in my opinion end up in front of the Marlins.Just a feeling

5.Marlins-So much young talent,but can they put it all together?Maybin,Uggla,Ramirez,Hermida.If they move out of Dolphin staduim maybe you can expect something good of them.


1.D'Backs-Made it to the NLCS nonchalantly,disposed of the cubbies,but got unlucky in facing the red hot Rockies.Yes I know they got outscored last year,But they have good team chemistry,several up-and comers,and the most important aquisition:Dan Haren.And don't forget the Sinker-baller Brandon Webb.

2.Dodgers *wildcard*-I look for them to put it together this year.Several talented guys who should be taught well under the legend Joe Torre.Brad Penny leads an ok staff.Andrew Jones provides power.And they'll be fine as long as they don't have to play in the coliseum again.

3.Padres-They are very capable of being first.This is just a very good division.They have possibly the best 1-2 pitching punch in baseball. Jake Peavy and Chris Young.Losing mike Cameron Hurts them.They just don't have good enough bats.

4.Rockies-Sure everyone is on their wagon now that they had such a great run last year.Don't forget they had to win like 19-20 just to MAKE the playoffs.Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins partnered with(as I've heard)the next Cal Ripken Jr.*Troy Tulowitzki*,these guys should compete.

5.Giants-Hey at least Bonds is gone.


 1.Cubs-Strong,improving staff,with Kerry Wood now closing.Lou Piniella has been great for them.Anxious to see what Fukudome does for them.

2.Brewers-Showed they are a team to mess with last year.(Don't trade Prince Fffielder(commercial).)Lots of talent(notice I say young talent a lot,that's because I don't want to talk about all of them,lqtm)Ned Yost has done a good job with the club.Gallardo should make somewhat of an impact.

3.Reds-Picked by many to be a surprise team and I'm loving it.Now If Dusty(who is better than Jerry Narron)can actually use his pitchers right,and realize young guys can play,we actually have a shot at contending.Cueto,Bruce,Volquez,Votto,Bailey.Be wise Dusty.

4.Astros-Tejada helps make this lineup better,a few years ago they were one of the worst now they have quite a solid lineup with Hunter Pence,Carlos Lee,Tejada,and Lance Berkman.Roy Oswalt will have to teach the younger 'stros pitchers a thing or two.

5.Cardinals-Things are looking bleak for the Cards in my opinion.Duncan,and Pujols provide the punch.The cards should defenitely struggle with pitching,they have woes there.But with La Russa,They could contend for 3rd.

6.Pirates-Hey they have the tools.They just can't seem to put it together.They need some pitching though.They have a few talents like Gorzellany.


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