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There are literally hundreds of groups on FanNation. Some are very active, some are less active and some have been just totally abandoned and left to blow aimlessly around the site like cartoon tumbleweeds. The Women R Us group takes great pride in being a very active group on FanNation. The group boasts a member count of over 50 women who love sports and aren't afraid to say so! Periodically, the group chooses a member to throw a "spotlight" on. Someone who deserves some extra special recognition. This time, the spotlight shines on SmoothSandy! .

Sandy lives in New Mexico but hails originally from Massachusetts and is an avid Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox fan. She is also an ardent Dodger fan but we in MA don't hold that against her!

Even though Sandy only joined FanNation a few short months ago, she already has published over 60 blogs ! Sandy has written on just about every sport and league. NBA, NHL, NCAA, NIT, NFL and of course her first sporting love, MLB. Sandy writes fabulous blogs that come across as informed, knowledgeable and unbiased (to the degree that any Boston fan can be unbiased!) Sandy is by far the most prolific blogger the Women's Group has and we thank her for her continued suport and contributions. Thanks Sandy!

If you haven't read her blogs, you're missing out. Check out her profile and her blogs. Always an excellent read!

So I asked Sandy some questions in an effort to get all of us to know her better! Here they are!

1. You have some insane writing skills. Have you always been interesting in writing? Yes, When I was younger I wrote poetry.

2. Whats the first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning? Brush my teeth and shower and ????

3. If you were physically able to and could play a pro sport, what would it be and what position ? Baseball, Left Field

4. You are invited to dinner and the following people are there. Who do you want to sit next to? MLK Jr., Pres. GW Bush, Babe Ruth, Susan B. Anthony.  Susan B. Anthony

5. What one question would you ask them? Where she found her strength to fight for womens rights

6. How do you like to relax ? watching a baseball game

7. What is your all time favorite sports moment? Sandy Koufax perfect game 1965

8. You are to be left on a deserted island for one month. What 3 inanimate things would you want to have in your backpack? inhaler (I have asthma) cellphone, ipod

9. Its 6pm Friday night. Where are you right now? bowling

10. Where did you go on your last vacation? San Diego, Ca to visit my brother.

So folks, there you have it! Sandy in a nutshell ! . Next time you see her at a TD or a thread, say hello !

Or you could say hello right here!


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