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UFC Fight Night 13 is this Wednesday for three full hours! Normally they are only two, but this card is so stacked that fans demanded that Spike TV add the extra hour of programming. The effort was so strong that Spike changed their programming to accomodate fight fans everywhere! It is going to be a great card and now we will get to see more of it. Here is a little bit to build the event. For more build up visit Sports by the Numbers MMA.

Previously this number was reported regarding one of the preliminary card fights...

80 Estimated strength (80%) of Spencer Fisher's shoulder. He was scheduled to fight 15-5 Marcus Aurelio at Fight Night 13 but had to withdraw due to the injury. In an article on Sherdog by Greg Savage Fisher's manager Monte Cox said, "Spencer is the kind of fighter who has fought plenty of fights with injuries and Marcus Aurelio is not the kind of fighter you want to fight at 80%. Aurelio who recently came off a three fight skid with a TKO of Luke Caudillo at UFC 78 will now face 10-1 Jim Miller.

We now know that due to contractual obligations Jim Miller was unable to take the fight, so instead...

7 Number of rounds (7) Ryan Roberts fought just over a month ago today on February 29th. He beat Zach Wolff in round two and then claimed a five round decision over Joe Doherty at Victory Fighting Championships 22. Combined those two men are 14-5. Obviously not bad, but Roberts is going to face a big step up in competition on April 2nd when he squares off against 15-5 Marcus Aurelio.

The swing fight at UFC Fight Night 13 features lightweights Gray Maynard and Frank Edgar.

120 Combined record (12-0) of Maynard 4-0, and Edgar 8-0. In all likelihood somebody will earn their first loss on Wednesday. That is unless the bout ends like Maynard's fight against Rob Emerson. Bizarrely, it was scored a no contest when Maynard slammed an already hurt Emerson, who tapped immediately, but Gray had knocked himself silly.

909 Length (909) seconds of Gray Maynard's last two fights. It's hard for their lengths to be separated by much more time. At UFC Fight Night 11 Maynard needed only 0:09 to KO Joe Veres. In his next fight at Fight Night 12 he needed the full fifteen minutes to score a decision over Denis Siver.

174 According to Compustrike the number of strikes (174) Frank Edgar threw against Spencer Fisher at UFC 78. Fisher threw only 65 strikes on the night, 16 shy of the strikes landed by Edgar. It was Edgar's last time in the Octagon and he dominated Fisher to improve his record to 8-0. Now on Wednesday he'll try to do the same to Maynard.


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