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We are at the semi-finals of the Blogging Tournament!


This matchup will be between Dudeman and Gu3, both great bloggers but only one will advance to face Da Masta in the Championship!


Lets get it under way!



Dudeman Presents . . .


The NBA is Buzzing . . .

Buzzing for the Hornets that is!

The Hornets, in my mind, are the darlings of the NBA. They are sitting in the 2nd spot of the West with a 47-21 record. Not to mention, they are above the Spurs, Mavericks and Rockets in the Southwest Division.

It all starts with CP3 (Chris Paul).

PPG: 21.5

RPG: 3.9 

APG: 11.2 (2nd in league)

SPG: 2.7 (leads league)

This kid has a bright as future as anyone in this league. In his 3rd year, he's already averaging 11.2 assists! Chris Paul is the MVP in my mind. Many people say Kobe Bryant, but it's gotta go to CP3. He's got the Hornets only half a game behind the Lakers, and is doing it with a younger, less-experienced team.

Next, there's David West.

PPG: 20.0

RPG: 9.1

APG: 2.3

BPG: 1.3 (Leads team)

David West is the Hornets' quintessential 20-10 guy. He was key in their huge, recent win versus the Celtics. He's in the prime of his career. I believe he's the sleeper of the great '03 NBA Draft.

Did I forget Tyson Chandler?

PPG: 11.6

RPG: 12.3 (4th in league)

APG: 1.1

FG%: 59.8 (Tied for 2nd in league)

$50 says the Bulls regret the Chandler trade. He's become a great low-post presence, and definitely is a big part of the Hornets success.

Finally, Peja Stojakovic.

PPG: 21.0

RPG: 4.3

APG: 1.3

FT%: 93.6 (Leads league)

Peja is back to his old, shooting self. He's the sharpshooter on this team of stars, and has, in my opinion, the smoothest shot in the league.

The Hornets are the deepest team in the league. CP3, David West, Tyson Chandler, Peja Stojakovic, Morris Peterson, Mike James, Bonzi Wells, Jannero Pargo, Julian Wright and Melvin Ely.

The Hornets have a chance. Watch out, the Hornets are here, and stinging alot of teams!



"The Playoffs should be interesting, good blog Dudeman!"

-KPKhader, Dudeman's supporter


"Good blog. The Hornets are a good team. Watch for them in the playoffs."

-Dyhard, who has a new avatar every two days









Gu3 Presents . . .

Today started like any other day. Me, waking up tired from another late night with the Night Owls getting ready for school. The day starts going like any other day. Then, fifth period comes. Fifth period is probably one of the best periods. I have arguably the best teacher on the east coast (Shout out-Mr. Bailey). We just started to read our sonnets that we were assigned to write. First steps up two members of my basketball team. They had written an Orioles sonnet about how we suck and that we will do better. They stated Erik Bedard will have 1 million Ks, Nick Markakis will be an all-star, and this one really made the cake; they said that Brian Roberts will win MVP. They ended the sonnet by saying that that is only a dream and we still suck. Then my teacher commented that he was just on the computer during his free period and he said that the Orioles just traded Brian Roberts to the Chicago Cubs for a few minor-league players. *Note* The Orioles organization has not yet confirmed this**.

 This little comment really made the mood for the rest of the day. It got me to thinking. What exactly are we trying to do? Are we trying to draw more fans by getting rid of the most popular Oriole since 2004? Are we trying to lose for 20 more years? Are we trying to turn fans away by getting rid of the best player we have and a top 2B in the MLB?

 Yes, I understand we are rebuilding our farm system and we are preparing for the future. But if you think about it, Brian Roberts was not that old. He had many very good years ahead of him. He brought the fans to the ballpark single handedly. He brought in the teenage girls, who we all know are the loudest cheerers and keeps you occupied when the game is a blowout, into the ballpark and created an enviroment for Camden Yards. Brian Roberts was young and good NOW. He has major league expierence and overall skill. The other minor leaguer players probably have no major league expirence at all and may not even pan out. Sure, they are younger than Roberts but they may not even be half the player he is.

We all know Roberts' name appeared in the Mitchell Report and may have left a stain on his reputation, but after all, he is a great, young, attractive Major League Player. This leads me to think that the Orioles believed they have to get rid of the players that were named or going to be named in the report. Looking deeper into this, the Orioles dished Tejada to  Astros the day before the Mitchell Report was supposed to be released. They had to have known that Mr. B-12 did do some kind of steroid. There was the positive Palmeiro test that pointed fingers at Tejada. Now, they dish off Brian Roberts whose name was also in the Report to the Cubs. This comes about a week or two after B-rob admitted to using steroids once or twice over the course of 4 years. So are we trying to regain our image as a ball club who is clean from all steroids? Well guess what, its not working. We are just regaining our image as a sucky-**** team for the next 20 years.

This trade makes no sense to me what-so-ever besides the fact of rebuilding the farm. We lose possibly thousands of fans and probably 15 more wins. We lose our main base stealer, doubles hitter, lead off man, and catalyst. Our stolen base total will drop off the charts because Corey Patterson is nearly out of our reach. That is nearly 100 stolen bases lost. We lose 130+ hits and men on base for Nick Markakis, Kevin Millar, and Luke Scott. Also, with the trade of Tejada our infield became very weak. We had to go to Luis Hernandez at short just to fill holes. No we probably have to use Brandon Fahey or Freddie Bynum at second. I know, you non-AL east fans are all saying the same thing, "Who?". Overall we lose stats and fans.

Whoever made this deal. Probably Andy McPhail, right now, you are a stupid, stupid man. You sent the one player that orioles fans did not want to see go to a team for minor leaguers. The Orioles revolved around Markakis, Bedard, and Roberts after the Tejada trade. Now, we have one great offensive player and one great pitcher. And to you Mr. Peter Angelos. WTF IS GOING THROUGH YOUR HEAD!?!

What i think will happen is that the Orioles will build the offense around Nick Markakis and the pitchers around Erik Bedard. But then again, the both probably will be traded. Stupid, Stupid people. 



"First of all, get a lunch nap.  Second of all, good blog."

-JHova, Mr. Sleepy


"Nice blog, and I like the school aspect on it. Good luck with mid-terms!"

-Dudeman, Mr. I'm going to kiss-up so it looks like I'm being a good sport.

Well, thats it so . . .



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