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 NBA Grades for the Season

by Joe drinks a Dew 

 Just like back in school when you got your grades, you either dispsied your teacher or was proud to show it off. Lets get started. If you think a grade should be different leave a comment below and we can get everybodies views and thoughts on the grades.

Boston = A, The Celtics have shown that the trio of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen can and do work very well together. #1 team in the NBA almost all season. Also with Rondo, Perkins, Davis, Cassell, the other Allen, Posey shows they actually do have a bench that can win games. 

New Orleans- A, Chris Paul as emerged into an MVP type player and this team can ball. David West, Tyson Chandler, Peja are all playing like Allstars. Byron Scott could be coach of the year. The Hornets have been #1 in the tough western conference race. 

San Antonio- B, The Spurs have been quiet this season, except for that Argentine Manu Ginobli. They also made a couple of good pick ups in Kurt Thomas and Damon Stoudamire. Should be interesting in the post season. 

Phoenix- A-, I was a big fan of the Shaq trade during mid season and I think more people would finally agree with me now. I also liked the Grant Hill pick up over the summer, he is doing some great thing in terms of on the court leadership and respect.

Detroit- B+, picked up some good rookies and the Theo Ratliff take seemed Illegal.

  L.A. Lakers- A, they set the standard of all the moves in the West. The Gasol deal was downright Fraud for the Grizzlies. The Fisher pickup makes the team more respectable.

Houston- C+, I might get reemed for this by the fan nation community. Bobby Jackson was a good pick up, the 22 games was impressive but... 

Utah- B+, Kyle Korver for Gordan Giricek was over looked by all the other western trades that took place. The emergence of Ronnie Brewer helped the Jazz after losing Fisher.

Denver- C, Not much has changed here, out of the playoffs.

Golden State- C-, Not much of an improvement from last year, same team. Oh and they had Chris Webber come back and then just retire a month later. 


Orlando- A+, great moves, Dwight Howard becomes superman in Florida and rashard Lewis joins the squad. 

Philadelphia- C+, Andre Miller is the point guard of the future in philly. Good pick ups in the draft.

Washington- C-, Nick Young great pickup. Not so great having injuries like crazy every year.

Dallas- C, Jason Kidd trade, is it good or not, only time will tell.

Cleveland- B-, have yet to see what Ben, Joe, Wally, and Delonte can do for this team. I think they needed to change things up though.

Toronto- C, injuries and inconsistent play have hurt toronto this season.

Portland- B+, the cinderalla team of the NBA this year, remember Oden has not played. 
Atlanta - B+, Mike Bibby deal was good. The Hawks have a great rookie in Al Horford.

Sacramento- C-, not much noise in Sac town except for the Maloof brothers.

Indiana- D, has anything happened here all season, at all. 

New Jersey- C-, Devin Harris, Diop, others... was it a fair trade.Did the Mavs give up to much? Carter is not a leader.

Charlotte- C+, Jason Richardson, lets just have MJ suit up again.

Minnesota- C-, Its not about Al Jefferson being better in the future but the rest of the team being better in the future.

Chicago- C, Larry Hughes, why did they not go after that Gasol guy. 

Memphis- F, Kwame Brown for Pao Gasol, give me a break, Crienton does not suffice.

L.A. Clippers- D, having Chris Kaman do good is the only thing good for the Clips this season.

Seattle- C+, Future looks bright but not much else, the team across the border is looking brighter.

New York- F, not much to say... keep Jamal and David Lee bag the rest of the team
Milwaukee - D, team is a walking nucleur war head. Anger and Pride problems across the board. Yi was a good pick, Redd, Bogut, Villaneva, this is a good team on paper.
Miami- D+, no shaq but they got Shawn Marion, good move, very good but this team sucks... bad right now.


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