CAUTION: What you are about to read will have NO paragraphs because of the blogger's lack of computer cooperation. He is very sorry, and hopes you will like the blog anyway. What's the first thing you think of first when you hear the word box? I know it's weird, but level with me here. Now, since I'm in love with sports like most of you people out there, I have to relate to everything with a sport term. What do I think of. The batter's box. The box surrounded by white lines. The boundary to which the batter's have to obey. Bottom of the ninth, down by three, bases loaded 2 outs, 3-2 counts. You're in a, what I like to call, a super dee duper full count. You hit it long and deep. It's outta here! But wait. Your foot was outside the batters box, no home run because the ump still had the sign for a timeout. Next pitch, strike three, you're out! Your team loses. Now, what's the second thing you think of when you hear the word box? Again, I have to relate everything to sports, so, I think of the coach's box. The boundary for the first and third base coaches. Now, you'd think it'd be a box for the coaches to abide to. But no. No harm, no foul with coaches standing outside the box. In fact, it's rare to see a coach inside the box. So, once a gain, your in a super dee duper full count. Once again, you hit it long and deep. It's outta here! Your team wins! But wait. The coach wasn't inside his box. But the homer counts anyway. It doesn't matter if the coaches are outside their box. Until now. Sadly. Wednesday, Larry Bowa, third base coach of the Dodgers, was kicked out of the Dodgers-Giants game for not obeying the ump's commands to stay inside the coach's box. Bowa was later suspended for three games for "inappropriate and aggressive conduct". Let me just say, if you get kicked out of the game for not standing in the coach's box, you might as well start in the first inning of every MLB game and bring all your base coaches together and tell them to hit the road. It was so unfair what Bowa had to do. Not following the ump's dumb commands led Bowa to heat up. Yea he got suspended not for disobeying, but for yelling and arguing. But, having to obey that dumb command, led to Bowa going off. After Bowa got suspended, he made a very good point. He said that the MLB is filled with steroid users who have used and admitted to them. But none, NONE of them are being suspended. But he does for getting kicked out of the game, and HE gets a punishment? This is bizarre that A) He had to stay in the coach's box, which is probably even more dangerous and more at risk to get hit by a ball (but at least he's got his dumbass helmet on). B) He's right. The MLB is to focused on Bowa and so far it looks as if they're not fulfilling their duties to catch cheaters. What are fans gonna be more upset about. A guy who's probably jacked on HGH and hits a game-winning homer for the other team? Or seeing that that rebellious and dangerous batting coach is out of his box? If this rule spreads around the league, not only will it destroy any freedom of the base coaches, but it puts their life at even more of a risk. And I thought that that's what the MLB's purpose was. To protect the lives of the coaches. Look, if you're gonna limit the coach's freedoms out on the field by only making them stay in that box, they might as well by in the dugout eating Fruit Roll-Ups.


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