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T- Hello Ed Reed, hows it going this evening!

Ed-Call me J.

T-No problem, so hows it going this fine evening J?

Ed-A little tierd, just got back from work and I am working on an iPod I got today, needs a lot of work!

T-I couldn't immagine! Now lets get down to the good stuff. How did you get on to FN in the first place?

Ed- I saw an ad on Sports Illistrated, thought it would be cool to share my knowledge with the rest of the world.

T-Interesting, So do you have a mentor on this site?

Ed- Nah, sorry kind of just taught myself the ropes. 

T-No problem, I taught myself too. So J, how bout them ravens, what did you think of last season?

Ed- oh god, where do i begin ? typical ravens, good defense, horrible offense. considering the line play mcgahee had a good year. also considering that the ravens had no other offensive threats (see heap injured alot) past 5 yards (see derrick mason catching short passes only). troy smith looked okay but whether he's the answer or not on offense is yet to be determined. there were tons of injuries and turnovers too. billick probably deserved one more year and then have been fired, but he lost the team and they needed a fresh start. now they have a real offensive coordinator and still have rex ryan, which i'm shocked about, he should be be a head coach somewhere by now. the ravens will rebound in the draft and be back to respectability as early as next year IMO. they also have more youth than people realize. if ogden retires the only old guys they have left are mcnair (a probable june 1st cut), mason (still producing), rolle (alot better in '07 than '06), mcalister (still good), pryce (another probable cut depending on the draft but still producing when healthy), and ray (still producing).

T-Wow, you sure have a lot of stuff to say.

Ed-Well, your interviewing me, so i'll give you my answers.

T-Well its good to know I have a good interviewee. Whats your favorite groups on this site?

Ed- other than this group, my favorite groups in no particular order are:

babes, beer & sports
fannation top 50
NFL fan club
Sports 24/7
Sports Fraternity

T- Didn't the Sports Frat go under or something, I sent a thing to the creator and it says HIS PAGE HAS BEEN HACKED.

Ed- Probably...

T- ......

Ed- Got any more questions my man?

T- Yeah, do you have a certain sports player as a role model?

Ed-  first person that comes to mind as a role model in sports is the late, great walter payton. cal ripken too.

T-Cal is mine too.

Ed- Cool.

T- Speaking of Ripken, How about his O'd, give me your predictions.

Ed- same as usual, kinda like the ravens. good defense, horrible offense. as usual the team has no pitching, which they haven't had in 10 years and what do they do ? they trade their best pitcher. nice move guys. thank god they ditched that worthless gibbons. i've said from the 1st day we re-signed him to that big deal that we were morons for that. notice the guy who did that is now gone ? exactly. i don't think they should deal Roberts either. as usual the red sox and yankee fans will take over camden yards, like they have for the past 10 years unfortunately. one day oriole magic will return, but even when it does they still have to get by everyone else in the AL East, which is proving to be tougher and tougher every year. the yanks, sox, blue jays and even the devil rays are getting better and better. it's just ridiculous, the orioles have no chance and probably won't even when they're good again. MLB is a joke IMO until they get a salary cap, period. i haven't paid 1 cent to see MLB baseball since 1994 either.

T- Man you have a lot to say about your home town teams dont ya?

Ed- Well I guess so.

T- You said in that answer you havn't paid a cent to see MLB since 1994, havn't you just died to get to the field with your friends and have a cold one!

Ed- i didn't say i didn't go. i went on other peoples dollar. and, when i've gone, i've spent some $ on food, but never tickets, etc. and i've sat in skyboxes a couple times too and gotten everything for free.

T- Alright last question, who's your canidate for the Pres.

Ed- John McCain

T- Good man.

Ed- Ha.

*J opens the door,

Ed-I got company, leave.

T- Ok, thanks for your help.

Ed-Yeah yeah.


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