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"Yes Sir"

"Good now move along, you must have better things to do than listen to me, or do you?" Sir laughed.

Sir was getting a kick out of ruining Kevin Black's life, he was on top of the world. Sir walked out the door and slid through the bushes and out of sight. Kevin went into his basement to get some sponges to clean off the Blood Writting. How could Sir write all this without me seeing? There has to be some explanation. Kevin quickly walked back into the Blood Writing room and started scrubbing, until he noticed something very suspecious, a lead.


Twitch was a member of the TSE, he was the fastest, slickest, smallest, and probably the smartest, person in the group. He left his sign, the T. One T with two lines, in the postition of an Upper and Lower case. Knowing Twitch he probably used some invisible stuff and when Kevins father left, he scrubbed it in some stuff so it looked like it was writtin in blood.

"Typical Twitch,"

But the writting was right, he needs to continue, or else he killed his own brother for nothing at all. Instantly something came to him, something that would get him to stay over at the parents house. He picked up the phone and dialed his parents number,

"Hello?" It was Kevins mother, just as he expected. So far so good.

"Hi Mom," Kevin replied

"Kevin? Oh honey how are you!"

"Im good mom, but I wanted to ask you a question."

"Anything, im just so happy your finally calling."

"Mom, im a little depressed about Dan, is it alright if I spend the night over at your house?"

"...... One second Kevie, your Dad wants to speak to you."

Kevin was shocked, is his parents really not going to let him come?

"Kevin, dinner is at 5, come over then and we can watch a little of the Jag Steeler game, like the old days.."

Kevin starts to cry,

"Sure Dad,"

His Dad didn't seem to notice.

"Alright see ya son"

and a click was heard. Those words "Just like the old days" hit him hard, like a car comming full speed and hitting you. Kevin couldn't stop the tears, knowing all his father wanted was to have a relationship with him and he was going to end it.

"What kind of monster am I?" Kevin said to himself, he quicklly hung up the phone and dialed a new number.

"This better be good," No doubt this was Sir's dark voice.

"I have gained acceses to the family, I am going tonight at 5 but the rabbits have to group together in the cave," Kevin replied in a spy like vocabulary.

"Kevin, its just us you dont have to speak like a damn spy."

"Sorry Sir. But in translation im in the house and ready when you are, but we have to meet at grimsleys I need the weapon."

"Were all hear, just come in 5 minutes."

A click was heard. All of a sudden Kevins blood presure went shooting up. He looked at the time, 4:30.

"Already? I gotta go."

He ran out the door with his keys already in pocket and got to the car, without hesatation he started driving. Once he got to Grimsleys he noticed the pile of cars. Looks like the party is about to begin, luckily Kevin new the way to the secret hideout. He went to the side of the building were a key pad stood. 34543 is what he typed in and the door opened, inside it looked like a normal freezer but if you turned the shelfs in was the lair. He turned it and there was everyone in there seats.

"Here is the weapon, now get going" Twitch said, Sir was sitting in the back with a hood on his head, he lifted it and looked at Kevin,

"The plan, we'll be there at 3:00 this morning, we'll cover the windows and lock the doors, you get the combo. Wait till Pop wakes up and blast him. Now go."

Kevin decided it would be smart to just leave without saying anything. He got to his car and drove to the parents house. When he got there he noticed the warm feeling you got once you got neer. It was a feeling he hasn't felt for a long time. He got out of his car and got his stuff, clothes bombarded the top of the MK-47. He knocked on the door and opened it

"Mom? Dad? Anyone."

"Son! How ya doin kid!" And his Dad met the hug.

"Oh its good to see you Dad."

"Sweetie!" His mom screemed as she joined in the family hug.

"You guys are crushing me! Let me just put my stuff upstairs." He yelped as he walked up the steps. As he walked though something felt strange, not as it should be.. He got to the top of the steps and noticed the same old long hallway down to his room, but something was different, a new picture hung on the wall. It was a picture of a safe. Kevin looked at it for a while and then looked behind the painting, there he saw something, something that scared him.

The combo, and not only was the combo sitting there right behind the painting was a note,



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