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A Host Named NcShvDavid: Welcome to Around Fan Nation - I am your host- lets get to the panel



First up we have the Practical Joker of Fannation Dudemen


Dudeman:  WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!



AHNN: VEry Funny (MUTE)

and then we have Rstowe


Rstowe: What's up? Do you realize the Red Sox have more losses than the Nationals and Pirates they suck...


AHNN: Next up Big Ben- a returning victim of the Horn- part of the lost episode

whats going on Ben?


Big Ben: Nothing much....just waiting for football's cold...and lonely without football. *shivers*


AHNN: True- but my Birthday is April 25th- and the NFL gives me 7 rounds of Drafty goodness this year

Speaking of getting older- hey Oso!


Oso: What's Shaking AHNN? Glad to be on there. Wait. What do you *mean* getting older?

Just because I helped Moses cross the Red Sea...nevermind.

I'm just glad they didn't publish that picture of me and Leinart rocking the beer bong with the ladies in AZ. Whew!




AHNN: First we are in Baseball!

Just to get it out of the way- so we can all laugh later

For the Record- Dudeman- What is your World Series Matchup and Winner?

Dudeman: I got the Indians vs. D-Backs.

The Indians have the deepest pitching in the league with co-aces (Sabathia and Carmona). Not many teams boast two 19-game winners in 1 year! Let's not forget about their hitting. Hafner had an off year last year, and they STILL were one game away from the World Series!

The D-Backs have a great 1-2 punch in Webb and Haren. Haren is newly acquired from the A's, and he had a great year in the AL, imagine what he can do in the NL. Let's not forget the young talent in Justin Upton and Chris Young, they also have a great veteran in Eric Byrnes.


AHNN: Stowe- you are the Baseball Guru- can we pull you away from breaking down the 72 NLCS for a prediction?


Rstowe:  Hang on, let me put my beer pick is Yankees versus Cubs.....just think the Yankees offense with their young pitching should be able to overcome the Sox and their staff of a injured pitcher in Beckett and an injured blogger in Schilling. As for the Cubs, their staff should be good once Marmol is made the closer over Wood and that japansese guy Fukudome looked great in his debut.


AHNN: ok Ben- you gonna break the tie of the Alcholic and the Kid? -or you going on your own


Big Ben: I'm not knowledgeable in anything baseball, but I'll say it'll be the Red Sox and...uh, let's see... about, that's, the...other team that will lose to the Sox.

How about that?

Yeah, that's your finger going for the mute button...damn.


AHNN: (MUTE) nice try

and finally the Bear- what you got?


Oso: I haven't been into the whole baseball scene since the heady days of Cobb sliding spikes really...

To me it's anyone's game as long as you have a decent payroll that includes a good starting lineup and a great bullpen.

I'd like to see Torre stick it to the Yankees, but I see this one being an Atlanta-Boston series with Boston pulling it out one more time.


Rstowe: I'd like to see Torre stick it to the Yankees, but I see this one being an Atlanta-Boston series with Boston pulling it out one more time.
Oso 214* BS-CB NMI | 04/03/08, 09:35 AM
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Sounds like what Brady tried to do with one of his GFs but failed....


AHNN: Ok Rstowe- Lets take a look at the Final Four, who is your favorite Number 1 seed right now?


Rstowe: UCONN...I mean those women can really play.

Oh, for the Men, it has to be UCLA....I feel the Love for UCLA...I just don't Memphis can handle UCLA down low and their bad free throw shooting has to affect a game at some point and I think that will be against UCLA.


AHNN: But They are shooting almost 80% so far this tourney doen;t that negate that weakness?


Rstowe: I'm out of my bracket tourney anyways, so I'm rooting for my Huskies....


What they've shot up to this point doesn't matter, they will have to revert to their 70% or so for the season and it will be in the next game....


AHNN: MUTE- Yes I am killing you AND Seth Davis

Ben? How that bracket coming?

Big Ben: I didn't fill out a bracket, but I've heard a lot of stuff said about North Carolina and those Tar Heels. They'll show they're the best team out there and win the championship...

AHNN: Dayum right- Bear? Since Texas is gone- I know your bracket is busted- who do you like?

Oso: I don't do collegiate stuff. But I like the Tarheel's chances in this one. I have since the first game. I had a "little bird" tell me they had great chances to win it all.

Rstowe: Problem is that "little bird" was a penguin, then you ate him. Now you don't have anything giving you advice for the final four.

AHNN: and Dude How is that bracket?

Oso: Too true. But it was a tasty error, but well worth it. I mean have you ever had penguin with a dash of Tabasco? Mmm.

Rstowe: I prefer my penguins pickled....tastes great sounds better....pickled penguins, pickled penguins, pickled penguins...

AHNN: (Mutes Oso and Rstowe) Go ahead Dudeman

Dudeman: AHNN: and Dude How is that bracket?
A throwdowner named NCshvDavid | 04/02/08, 12:21 PM
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Like Ben, I never made one. But, if I did I would've had UNC winning. Tyler Hansborough is a flat out stud. Lawson just adds to UNC's depth. UNC has no glaring weakness.

AHNN: ok Rstowe- you think Memphis can hang with Carolina?

Rstowe: No....I don't think Memphis gets past UCLA but if they do; UNC is going to wipe the floor with them like the zookeeper after Seal Night at Oso's's going to be bloody.

Big Ben: I wasn't even talking...(MUTE)

AHNN: Didn't want you to feel left out


Ok also going on is The Womens final four- exlains why KP is in such a good mood- I wonderif the NCAA would be better served playing thier tourney in May?

Ben you thoughts? Is the Womens game having too much to go against in April?

BEN: If they moved it the NCAA would have too many feminists would be on them about it...and none of us want that....leave it where it is. It's basketball and people who want to watch it do watch it...leave it be.

AHNN: Oso- Your thoughts?


OSO: The Women's NCAA may not have the same hype and following that its conterpart has in March, but there is a following. Especially for those teams that play a big part in the tournament such as TN, UConn, et. al. If people attend the games and enough people watch it on TV, so be it.


AHNN: Dudeman you whipped too?


Dudeman I think this is great for College Basketball. March Madness should be a recurring theme throughout College Basketball. I agree with Ben and Oso.


AHNN: OK Rstowe - you going to make it an entire panel of people scared of Chicks Monthly?

Big Ben: Aren't we usually scared of them once a month anyway? Why anger 'em further?


Rstowe: Leave the Women's Final Four the way it is....being a UCONN fan, it is great being able to watch both the men's and women's teams battle their way to titles.....only Division 1 school to win both titles in the same season. Plus, if your men's team is knocked out early (like UCONN this season) you can still watch the women's team. Also, if you move the women' tourney to April, then you're competing with MLB and the ratings would drop even further.


AHNN: Next up we go back to the NFL

 I'm just going to lay this out Rstowe

Chad Johnson- Thoughts?


Rstowe: He's a loud-mouthed idiot. If ESPN didn't exist, CJ wouldn't do half the things he does....if they didn't show TD celebrations and then spend a week discussing them on all their shows, he might actually be a great player....but because of ESPN, CJ feels the need to yell 'LOOK AT ME" every chance he gets....if he just shut up and played the game he would be outstanding but his attitude sucks.

AHNN: Speaking of Loud mouth- Oso- your thoughts?

rstowe: come on Oso, put the penguin down and answer!

man Oso now has his mouth full of seal....I thought we were here to discuss sports, not watch Oso go to town on his lunch....

AHNN: Speaking of Loud mouth- Oso- your thoughts?

OSO: *Spits out penguin and seal on the floor*

I resemble that remark!

Look. Ocho Stinko is a showman. Much of our country's Puritan roots tell us that being ostentatious and proud is wrong. But Chad is a legit receiver.

There have to be at least a half dozen teams that would want him on the roster.

The Bungles need to get it together or they'll lose talent like him and Palmer.

AHNN: Speaking of Showmen- Dudeman your thoughts?

dudeman: I don't know why everyone says Ocho-Cinco is a showman. Isn't this the same guy who decided NOT to do TD dances because his team wasn't winning? Yes, it's the same guy. He's also the guy who's led all WRs in recieving yards since 2003. He's a flat-out stud. Bengals management would make a HUGE mistake if they let this guy go.

AHNN: Next up we have the Pats Apologing for Spygate- The Hoodie even looking a little emotional

OSO- 3 rings and 5 Super Bowl apperacnces for Kraft

you think he's really sorry?


OSO:  Kraft might actually be sorry. But his franchise is thriving with those 3 rings and 5 appearances.

There will be little to no backlash on the franchise, at least in terms of profitability or popularity.

The "Patriot Nation" will still be entrenched and stalwart in their support of Kraft and Belichick.

Kraft might regret Spygate surfacing, but Belichick did what no other coach could do for the Pats, win a Super Bowl.

AHNN: Dudeman- what do you think? Is the Bear right?

dudeman : No, he's not.

I have a question, WHY WOULD HE BE?!?!

Like you said, 3 rings and 5 appearances. NONE were taken away. The ONLY thing he lost was a 1st Round Pick, Why should he care if people hate the Pats? The impotant thing is he still has the 3 rings, and Pats fans are buying tickets. Both are happening.

AHNN: Don't get me started- Rich I know you are all about the * being a baseball guy- you forgive Kraft and the Hoodie?

rstowe  Of course I forgive them....I've loved the Hoodie since his Giants days....if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying....good for them to be able to do this for YEARS and not get caught....everyone does it.....the Hoodie was just an idiot for using the same cameraguy as he did in the past to tape a team being coached by his protege....I mean, couldn't they pay someone in the stands 5 bucks to tape the Jets so Mangini wouldn't know who it was....

OSO:  *Flashes "Free Mike Vick.....In Every Box of Life Cereal" T-shirt A la Roddy White and Woody Paige*

Nothing like saying you disagree with a person and repeat what they say there Dudeman.

"Kraft might actually be sorry."

dudeman  I'm sorry, I didn't catch that last comment Oso, what did ya say?

I'm sorry, I didn't catch that last comment Oso, what did ya say?

OSO: Ask your teacher to help you read the entire story after nap time. ;) Aside from that one statement you regurgitated exactly what I said.

 *Flashes eraserboard with "Utley for MVP" on it*

Ask your teacher to help you read the entire story after nap time. ;) Aside from that one statement you regurgitated exactly what I said.

dudeman  Yes, but you're first sentence explained what you were trying to get across. I disagreed wholeheartedly with that.

Yes, but you're first sentence explained what you were trying to get across. I disagreed wholeheartedly with that.

*rolls eyes*

OSO: The future of America ladies and gents. I'm moving to New Zealand.

Like I said. Read the *whole statement*

*Mumbles some oath about MTV and Playstation*

dudeman The first senetence was enough for me to reaslize your position...

Big Ben Actually, dudeman, the Patriots organization lost $250,000, Belichick lost $500,000, and they had a 1st round pick taken away. What else do you guys want to happen? It was ONE game and one game only that they were caught; they would not have been able to use that tape until weeks later for the next Jets game. The price has been paid for the crime, I wish everyone would just drop the issue, and above all else STOP calling it spygate...come up with something wittier. Also, if Kraft apologizes then I say he means it.

AHNN: Final thoughts Rstowe?

rstowe I do believe Kraft knew exactly what the Hoodie was doing but as long as he didn't get caught and the team was bringing in Rings and Money, no big deal....even now it's not that big of a deal...those fines were nothing and all they lost was pretty much a beginning 2nd round draft pick....Saying that though, even if they knew what the D was going to call, the offense still had to produce - more power to them for being able to do so.

OSO:  realslize? Is this guy speaking English still or has he switched to Klingon or Cardsoxian?



OSO:  *Mouthing muted oaths at the host*

*Holds up sign "Bring back the Push Out Rule for the NFL" waving it wildly*

AHNN: Ok people - Manliness

Watches tape of Tennis player Busting open his head

I love that- Tennis whites with Blood!

Oso- is that a MAN you see before you???

Oso: I used to think tennis wasn't all that masculine a sport, aside from when Navratilova played, but wow. That is the greatest highlight I've seen for tennis. *EVER* Can we replay that? Ooh!

AHNN: Yes we can



Ben? You consider yourself all manly - at least thats what Hemo tells me- You giving this guy a man-card?

BEN: Um, what's manly about bashing yourself in the head five or six times? Concussions may not be prominent in tennis, but was all that really necessary?

I think not. I won't pull a man card...I wouldn't want him to start bashing in his own head because he's upset at being considered effeminate. If he wants to go McEnroe on HIMSELF instead of the court, fans, judge, opponent, etc. he mustn't be the smartest player out there and probably needs some lessons in how to correctly perform an angry outburst while playing tennis.

AHNN: ok Rstowe

Rstowe That wasn't manly at all....manly would have been headbutting a wall like Gus Ferrotte...more manly would have been to jump the net and beat his opponent into a bloody pulp for allowing the ball to get out of bounds. No man in tennis is manly - I mean, geez, the women grunt better than the men do.....that Amelie Mauresmo, there's a man in tennis....

BEN: Rstowe, if you find men grunting loudly as you 'watch' tennis we should all be VERY worried about you.

rstowe - Ben, it's better than the way you "watch" PTI.....I won't mention your man-crush on Kornheiser......shoot, sorry.....

Ben: Actually I barely watch that show...if you knew anything about me you'd know my man crush IS Sean Taylor.

AHNN: (MUTE) Children play nice, ok Dudeman- what you got- you want to go 3 rounds with this guy?

dudeman  NO! Why would I wanna go 3 rounds against an IDIOT like him?!?! He'd kill me!

Look, this was the STUPIDEST thing I've seen in Tennis in a long time. Youhzny is a great talent. He took chances with his own health! Beyond unreasonable. Even though he ended up winning the match, he wouldn't have won if he was up against a top star.


AHNN: Great Point, Speaking of Points - Sorry Dudeman- great Joke but yu Juuuust Don't have the Stuff for the Next round!


Dudeman: Noooooooo! (Mute)


AHNN: Horn goes deeper Next

Time for Buy or Sell!!!!

Gentlemen ( and Bear )

Bill Self has said he;s not going anywhere but Kansas- but his alma mater is looking at 6 mil PLUS

Bear you Buying Selflesssness?

Oso I'm torn...just like my lunch this afternoon. To me, he sounds sincere. If you have a good situation, why leave? But college ball is always about denial and then taking the sentimental job for more $. Hate to be a pessimist, but I'm saying SELL the Selflessness. He's going to build another winner in his home court away from home.


AHNN: Ok Rstowe, You beleiving the Bear? or Chad?


Rstowe: You've got to SELL anytime any coach at any level says they're staying where they're talks and coaches walk.....I trust any coach when they say they aren't leaving as much as I trust Michael Jackson saying the amusement park in his yard ISN'T to attract kids.....

: Ok Ben- can I get you to stop moonwalking now? Thanks- Want a Peice of Bill?


Ben: Sorry, I was enjoying Thriller...


Anyway, why leave one top shelf program where you are already in good favor, making good money, and have a Final Four team that could go farther for another program just because it is your alma mater? I know, I know, it's supposed to be special, but you don't do it just because of that. I'm willing to bet that Kansas would be MORE than willing to match just about any offer that Oklahoma makes.


I say he stays at Kansas.


AHNN: Ok Bear what do you think? is Kansas THAT much better than OK state? I mean isn;t pulling a Roy Willimams and winning at your Alma Matar mean more than winning at a historic winner?


Oso: There are two sides of the coin on this one. Sure you can stay where you've built a winner and keep on going. You have the recruiting, the prestige of making it to the final 4.


But after seeing the Texas A&M coach cut bait and run to Kentucky, I just see this being a continuing trend.


College ball has so much more parity these days to the point that as long as you have a big name school, funding to travel and recruit the best, you can take any school to the final 4 given time.


There's no guarantee that he can do this with Kansas anymore than OK.


OK State Cowboys...that is.


AHNN: Nicely said Oso- But No way Mr Bill leaves Kansas- other than UCLA, Kentucky and UNC no school has that kinda pedigree


So . . . .


Next up


Rich and Ben go Mano A Mano




AHNN: Jay Culter calls out his wideout!

Tells him to be a man and grow up

 Ben You buying Jay as Brett Jr right now?

Ben: No. Jay Cutler shouldn't be calling out his wide receiver despite the fact that Marshall made up a story about tripping, slipping, whatever on a McDonald's bag, when in reality (as recently came out from Marshall) he was wrestling with a friend and he fell into his entertainment center. It was an accident and Cutler should try a little less to be the big man like Elway or Favre...maybe back to the QB who MIGHT be good in the future as Stan's dad put it.


AHNN: and You Rstowe?


Rstowe: BUY - a QB is the leader of the team.....this shows he's growing into his role. In order to call out someone on your team in PUBLIC, shows he finally is getting confidence in himself. I know it's not the same, but look what Eli did before last season - he responded to Tiki's comments and went on to have a great season. Maybe the same will happen to Cutler now that it appears his balls have finally dropped.


Ben: Stowe, Eli did NOT have a great season. He threw 20 INTs and 23 TDs!!! He was mediocre with a completion percentage around 55%! Cutler shouldn't be calling out a teammate just because he lied about how he injured his arm. Stuff happens in life...


Rstowe: Eli - Super Bowl MVP and a Super Bowl Ring - great season no matter what the regular season was like!

Ben: Same numbers as the NFC Representatives QB from the prior season, Rex Grossman. You're telling me that if Grossman had won the Super Bowl against the Colts he would be given some free pass like Manning? No. Manning is not nor will he ever be a great QB at least not until he can improve his mediocre completion percentage, put a better separation between TDs and INTs, and actually lead his team during the regular season like he did during the playoffs.

AHNN: Ding! That right there puts you over the top Ben- take the victory Lap

Ben: "There's something that's been bothering me for some time now with this whole 'spygate' deal and it's exactly that...the name and its continuation. Why can't people, if they want to give something a name like that, actually put some thought into that instead of doing something that doesn't even make sense!!?!? Come up with something wittier!!! I can honestly say I've never called it as 'spygate' and no one should. Also, this WHOLE situation should have been put to rest and never spoken of again after Goodell handed down the punishment. The taping of the Jets would not have had any immediate advantages for the Pats in that game. The Patriots payed $250,000 fine, Belichick payed $500,000 fine, and they lost a 1st round draft pick. It should have been over and done with. I think my rant is over..."

AHNN: Good Job Fellas


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