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First off I'd like to introduce our group. For those of you they haven't heard of us, we are a group that re-selects draft picks for teams in previous drafts with our future knowledge of how they turned out. This is the first, hopefully of many, of our re-drafts. We plan to extend to the NBA also. (We kinda feel MLB would be far too difficult.) And if after reading this you find it interesting your welcome to join. Just mail me, Elway4Prez, and I'll send you the password.


1st Pick-HOU- Indycolts

Mario Williams-DE- NC State

I choose Mario Williams because he is a dominating end and will continue to be in the future. The Texans at the time needed a strong pass rusher and he is one. You build in the trenches and Mario accomplishes that.

2nd Pick- NO- The Guru

Antonio Cromartie-DB- Florida State

The reason why I chose Cromartie because he fills the void the Saints have been looking for these past 2 season, a solid CB. His instincts and his athleticism are hard to find these days. Everyone knows my Saints lack that shutdown corner. We haven't not been successful via free agency, see Jason David.

I did not chose Bush because of my confidence in Deuce Mcallister. Though Bush adds a whole new dimension to the offense, I feel Brees can make up for that with his leadership and vision on the field. I've stated before that Bush brought a whole new energy to the state of Louisiana but he was a blessing and a curse right now. The blessing is obvious, bringing revenue to the team and state. But a curse because he is not the every down back that we will need in the future.

3rd Pick- Ten- Paddy26

Joseph Addai-HB- LSU

I will take Joseph Addai. The Titans are in need of a consistent running game, and Addai supplies that. Remember, if they bypass him, they'll end up with LenDale White as RB in 07 again.

4th Pick- NYJ- Da Masta

Marques Colston-WR- Hofstra

Colston is a proven great receiver who has just barely missed the pro bowl. The Jets would have a nice 1-2 punch with Colston and then Cotchery. They would make the young QB Clemons feel more comfortable. Yes, the Jets have Coles but he is going on something like strike and now the Jets won't need him but they could find a nifty trade bargain by trading him or just cutting him to get some more cap room. Colston can get 1000 yards and 10 Tds in a season and that should help the Jets alot!

5th Pick- GB- Dyhard

A.J. Hawk-LB- Ohio State

He is a key contributor on defense, and helps the defense out a lot. I picked him because I thought that he went in a perfect spot. He deserved to go higher, but he fell to #5, so he should get picked.


6th Pick- SF- Steelercooz

 Marcus McNeil-OT- Auburn

The 49ers can now apply some heat to veteran Kwame Harris, who was complaining much of the 2005 season, and we can begin to work toward establishing a nucleus on offense; Alex Smith gets a bookend tackle, and one who will be opening up the sweep for this Frank Gore kid...keep your eye on him. He's underrated right now

7th Pick- OAK- Elway4Prez

Jay Cutler-QB-Vanderbilt

It's hard to give up my precious Cutler to my hated rivals but I hope Al Davis takes care of him. I'm surprised he passed up Cutler laser-rocket arm on the first go around. But now since I'm in control he can't f*** up twice. Cutler has the potential, with the right weapons around him, to be the best Raiders QB ever.

8th Pick- BUF- Elway4Prez

Brandon Marshall-WR- UCF

I know, I know two Broncos back to back but I really think Marshall could help this team, as long as he avoids McDonalds' bags. They traded Moulds to Houston and really haven't had a good number 2 since. If they could find a solid QB this offense would be very effective with Marshall tag-teaming with Evans. Maybe this could get McGahee to stay...

9th Pick- DET- Dawgee Fresh

Vince Young-QB- Texas
Vince Young will replace the aging, rotten, no good, lousy Jon Kitna and Young will have very talented receivers to pass to in Roy Williams, Shaun McDonald, Mike Furrey, etc.

10th Pick- ARI- PhillyEagles36

D'Brickshaw Ferguson-OT-Virginia

They desperately need offensive line help and while he is not as great what was expected from him he has still been solid and would provide an upgrade over anything they had.

11th Pick- DEN- Elway4Prez

Maurice Jones Drew-HB-UCLA

They have more pressing needs like WR, DE, and TE but there isn't any worth taking at this point so I'm going with MJD. Everyone says "Anyone works behind the Denver line" but I still feel they need some consistency. MJD is already very dynamic and could be one of the best in the league, if not THE BEST behind them. Look 1,400+ yards for years to come.

12th Pick-BAL- Elway4Prez

Haloti Ngata-DT-Oregon

He has seemed to work out fine with them so far so why fix it if it isn't broke. He really frees up space for those playmaking LBs. And he is great run stopper. One of the reasons the Ravens hit it big in 2006.

13th Pick-CLE- Hemo

Kamerion Wimbley-DE/LB-Florida State

Wimbley's been the only semblance of a pass-rush FOR the Browns since they drafted him. He may have been a no-name coming out of school, and people might of thought that he was a reach, but time so far proves that he is not.

14th Pick-PHI- PhillyEagles36

Greg Jennings-WR- Western Michigan

This was tougher than I thought it would be, I am trying to decide between Devin Hester and Greg Jennings, both are big play threats but Ill take Greg Jennings, this pick would help a major need the Eagles have had for quite a while. He just has a knack for the end zone.

15th Pick-STL- Dawgee Fresh

Ernie Sims- DE/LB- Florida State

I took Sims because St. Louis absolutely sucks on defense and they need someone who can change that and let their offense do the rest of the work.

16th Pick-MIA- Elway4Prez

Antoine Bethea- DB- Howard

I'm simply stunned that all these teams have passed him to say the least. But it's only good for the Fins since there getting one of the elite corners in the league. Living on the other side of the country I never heard much good about Jason Allen so I looked at his stats and there pretty average. So I'd call an average safety for a top ten corner a good trade.

17th Pick-MIN- PhillyEagles36

Matt Leinart-QB- USC

I'll take Matt Leinart. Since they traded away Daunte Culpepper a new franchise quarterback will be needed. In free agency the solidified the offensive line and running back positioned. This pick should give the Vikings a bright future with Leinart at the helm.

18th Pick-DAL- NYFAN

DeMeco Ryans- LB- Alabama

Ryans has been one of the most consistent linebackers in his two years in the league. In his rookie year he had 156 tackles, 4 sacks, and on pick and had similar numbers last year. He would be a much better pick then Carpenter because Carpenter didn't even get 50 tackles in his first two years and may not even be on there roster this upcoming season while Ryans would have made one of the best linebacking cores in the league along with DeMarcus Ware and would have set the Cowboys up for years to come.

19th Pick-SD-Elway4Prez

Santonio Holmes-WR- Ohio State

I almost picked Hester but they already have a great return game, not Hester great but still good, and they need more of natural receiver to complement the oh-so-great LDT. He would easily be the best receiver on their roster even as a rookie and really would make that offense more potent. Bye, bye Cromartie.

20th Pick-KC- The Guru

Devin Hester-WR/CB/KR- Miami(FL)

Gives them a decent corner but they gain a GREAT special teams player. Hester alone can add 1-2 Ws in the Win column. He's a great momentum changer and KC can benefit with the field position Hester creates.

21st Pick-NE- Hemo

D'Qwell Jackson-LB- Maryland

New England's middle linebackers are incredibly old. A little youth infusion there with the best football mind in this draft could do nothing but help. He could also be the anchor for years and years to come on this D. Go wild Billy!

22nd Pick-SF- Steelercooz

Reggie Bush-HB-USC

A lot of my targets were drafted as expected (Ngata, Holmes, MJD), and since I'm thinkin' this is a pretty deep TE draft, I'm going to help out my young QB even more. A pass-catching TE is definitely nice, but so is a RB who can catch 80 passes out of the backfield. A strong two-back package coupled with a good LT will make my QB very, if only we could get him to produce...

23rd Pick-TB- Elway4Prez

Nick Mangold-C-Ohio State

I think that Nick is one of the best centers in the league and he has turned out better than the Bucs previous pick David Joseph. They still have Wade who is solid but they could move him around since every spot on the line is dismal. Hopefully he could protect Chris Simms' spleen.

24th Pick-CIN- Elway4Prez

Elvis Dumervil-DE- Louisville

Pick a position on their defense and it could be upgraded. And since DE is a position on defense I'm going Elvis. He is the ideal pass rushing DE. And he got 13 sacks on the Broncos pathetic line last year. Now that's talent.