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Andrew Jones, TE, Smithville High School, Smithville, MO

Andrew Jones is a 6' 5", 234 pound tight end. Andrew was committed to Mizzou from the start, and stuck with the Tigers even after touring Notre Dame. He says it is the school he feels most at home at, even though he lives near Kansas City, which is a hot bed for KU recruits. A major factor in making his choice was top Mizzou recruit Blaine Gabbert, who he is good friends with. He played both sides of the field in high school, with 50 catches for 612 yards and six TDs on offense, while recording 45 tackles, 8 sacks, an interception, 2 FF, and two fumbles recovered. In the Kansas City Combine, Jones received Overall MVP honors. Also according to, he is ranked 9th out of all TE recruits in the country, and even #5 by some other recruiting sites. He received All-State honors three times in a row, and played in the 2008 U.S. Army All American Bowl.

Jones has good size and a strong frame for a high school prospect. His has great hands and can catch the ball both in his chest and away from his body. He has good height and displays the ability to extend his hands above his head and make the grab. Before he starts his route, he can trick defenders into believing he is blocking. He can also make a catch while in traffic. Jones is a good runner, but is not a guy that can stretch the field. However, his strength and determination make him hard to take down. He runs hard after the catch and does not go down without a fight. He won't be able to make many defenders miss at the college level, but he runs with power and is still deceptive for someone his size. Jones has the skills to become successful because of his size and ability.


With the leave of All-American TE Martin Rucker, and senior Chase Coffman taking over he #1 TE position, Jones will look to continue Mizzou's streak of having the best TE-duo in the country. He could be another large target for Chase Daniel, especially in the end zone, where Mizzou struggled last year. But even if he isn't, his size will be a great prescence on the O-line in running plays. Mizzou likes to run a variety of shotgun formations, so Jones should get plent of opportunities his freshman year to stand out. Jones has an easy-going type of attitude and will be fun to be around for his team mates. Even more importantly, he helps Mizzou recruit, by heavily persuading other top prospects to join him in the Black and Gold.

Andrew Jones Highlights:

Columbia NIKE TE Camp Highlights

WR vs DB - Jones makes a few appearances here. He wears #9, in white.

2008 U.S. Army Bowl Highlights - Jones makes one appearance, but on defense, I think. He wears #9, in white, again. Also notice Blaine Gabbert's bomb for a touchdown pass. Should've included that earlier.

Game Highlights


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